Tips For Clearing Up Holiday Clutter

holiday organizationThe New Year is going to hit you in short order. It’s coming. The holidays are starting to get sewn up, and people are gearing up for a new year, and that means a lot of clean up from the holidays. For some, this means a lot of work, and for others, it means that things are going to be easy, especially with the following clutter cutting ideas. The following tips will help you not only clean up with ease, but also help you get ready for the new year, and even set up for next year’s holiday season as well.

Make Room For New Things

Here’s one option that you will no doubt want to consider when cleaning up, and it’s getting rid of the old and putting in new things. The gifts that you received for Christmas, can replace older options. Toss one or two older items in favor of new items, and see how easy it can be to clean up. Sometimes, with organization, less is more and decluttering can be easy if you’re going to put some older options away, and replace them with the new.

Give To Goodwill

Another way to ensure that you’re cleaning up with ease is to look at giving things away. Fill up any empty boxes that you have from your holiday season with things that you don’t want anymore. Older things, or gifts you didn’t like can go into empty boxes. Fill up as many boxes that you have and simply donate them to Goodwill and charity. You will find that this is going to help you feel great, and will help your things get new life for those that are in need.

Sort Things Out With Signs

As you put away your holiday decorations, make sure that you clearly label boxes, organize and separate things for next year, and put them all in one place. If you organize your holiday stuff and you know what is in every box, you will find that your holiday decorating will be made a lot easier moving forward. Sort things out, organize them into boxes, and label them with signs that tell you what awaits inside.

Don’t Keep Gifts You Don’t Want

Even though people mean well, even though you have received a lot of great things, there may be gifts you don’t want. You don’t have to keep them. Don’t keep things that you absolutely aren’t going to use, want, or need. Don’t keep gifts you don’t want. Consider swapping them with someone, give them to charity, or even think of regifting things for birthdays or holidays next year.

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