Effective Carpet Cleaning For Stain Removal

Nearly every house has a carpet in need of some TLC. As carpets are often subject to high levels of foot and pet traffic they can easily become dirty and worn. There are various methods for cleaning carpets though not all are equally effective nor worth your time. Things like stains, discoloration, matting, etc. are difficult to clean and are best left to professionals.

Carpet Cleansing Techniques

The absorbing method: This is a technique by which water is applied to a carpets trouble area and then allowed to dry. After drying has occurred dirt and grime can be vacuumed away.

Bonnet Strategy

This cleaning strategy includes a turning brush and scrubbing dirt off from specific parts of a carpet. This method can help restore color to carpets and remove stubborn stains.


Shampooing is a common cleaning technique whereby a vacuum like appliance is used to remove dirt and stains from carpet. The majority of these shampooing cleaners utilize two separate components in on machine. The first sprays water and a cleaning solution onto carpeting and the second scrubs carpeting while sucking up loosened debris.

Steam Cleaning

This particular cleaning method leave carpet wetter than other methods and leave it wet for longer. Time and persistence is needed when employing this method those the ends do justify the means. There are customized vacuuming devices and products that can be utilized to speed up drying time in these carpets but they can be expensive and difficult to find. For this reason, homeowners with carpets in need of a steam cleaning should contact a professional carpet cleaner.

Steam cleaning carpeting includes vacuuming the carpet to remove obstinate dirt the carpet. When this is done the carpet is subjected to pressurized hot steamy water to which rids it of spots and other types of stains. Once the carpet has been treated by steam it is often treated with a protective spray.


Kitchen Cleaning Tips for a Healthier Home

Cabinets are one of the most neglected areas of a home that require cleaning. Frequently tidying up the in’s and out’s of your cabinets will keep your kitchen area looking terrific and prevent germs from setting up a colony. To get your cabinets looking their finest you’ve actually got a couple of choices.

When cleaning cabinets it’s always a good idea to begin cleaning from the top and work towards the floor. This cleaning method pushes all debris down to the floor when it can be either swept or vacuumed away. To begin simply fill your sink with hot soapy water and soak any troublesome products like the microwave turntable, crumb trays or a fridge drawer in the warm/hot water.

When you set out to give your kitchen a spectacular cleaning, be sure not to neglect your appliances and the little things like cookie jars or utensil canisters. You’ll also want to make sure and pay the top of your refrigerator a visit since a great deal of dust and debris gather there. For exceptionally dirty areas, it’s best to soak them for a few minutes before wiping them down. A great way to multitask while cleaning your kitchen this is to spray the these areas down and let them soak while you deal with things like upper cabinets and other higher surface areas.

If you have any stainless-steel surface areas in your cooking area you can clean them effectively with a mix of water and white vinegar. After scrubbing simply them clean them dry.

If pests are a problem in your kitchen there are some things you can do to get rid of the unwanted house guests. Step one is tidying and drying any wet locations you might have. Secondly, get any old fruit, spoiling foods, and garbage out of your house. Keeping your kitchen dry and free from trash will greatly reduce the number of flies, roaches, and spiders in your kitchen.

More than any other area in a kitchen, cooking spaces become soiled quickly. Cleaning this area of your kitchen at the conclusion of each meal will help keep the pests away and leave you with a much more sanitary space for prepping and cooking food. At Maid Brigade we’re devoted to utilizing only those cleaning chemicals and solutions that are safe for families and pets so we advise all do-it-yourselfer’s to do the same. There are plenty of natural and organic products on the market that allow for safe and effective kitchen cleaning.

Food prep surfaces in your kitchen are breeding grounds for all sorts of nasties. Viruses, bacteria, and funguses quickly set up shop in any food prep area that are neglected for even a short period of time. The blending of a little warm water and a surface cleaning agent will not only clean surfaces where food is prepped but will kill all of the things that can make you and your family ill. Be sure to be thorough with any appliances or items that are stored and used in that area as well.

We at Maid Brigade have committed ourselves to the highest cleaning standards in the industry. Through our use of green cleaning products, illustrious end results and a commitment to customer satisfaction we are raising the bar for the entire house cleaning industry. If you’re someone who desires a clean home but has little time to dedicate to the task then our services will work wonders for you. Take back your weekends, your free time, and leave the cleaning to us.

Tackle Spring Cleaning Like A Pro With These Tips

green cleaning expertsThe spring season is upon us, which means that cleaning is going to be on the agenda for millions. If you’re planning on cleaning before the Summer months start to usher in high heat, then perhaps you will want to focus on efficiency. The following tips are going to help you tackle your home’s cleaning needs, and get a great deal of work done in a short span of time. Maximize everything, by going forward with a few simple steps.

Make A Plan

Before diving in, plan out what you want to get done as a whole. Once you have a list of things that you want to work on, you’ll want to start to break things down into micro-tasks. Those micro-tasks are then going to need to get worked out slowly. As you check items off of your list, you’ll start to see that the larger goal of cleaning your whole home will be closer and closer, until you finally get it all done. As long as you have a plan of action, and you work towards a larger goal, you’ll see results in due time.

Prioritize The Big Projects

As you go down your plan, make sure that you take special care of the bigger tasks. Prioritize based on the amount of time and effort you’re going to have to put in to work on certain things. For instance, your oven may need a bit of extra work, or your refrigerator is a mess, clean them based on scheduling. Schedule the options that take the most time first, and then speed through minor cleaning options, to get everything done in an efficient manner.

Update Your Supplies

As you go along with cleaning this spring, make sure that you pay close attention to your cleaning supplies. Make sure that you’re updating them, switching them out, and working towards replenishing items that you’re low on. By doing this, you will be able to gauge which options you use the most, and which ones aren’t used often. That will help you not only clean for spring, but also maintain the work you’ve done long after the season is over.

Downsize Your Stuff

Clutter will start to become more apparent as you clean. If you find that there’s a lot of things that you’re not using, perhaps it’s time to give them away or sell them off. Don’t keep a lot of things that you’re not going to watch, use, or work with lying around. Don’t let them collect dust in a cabinet, and instead, downsize. This can help you reclaim space, and realize what matters most in your home.

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Pressure Washing Tips You Should Utilize

Pressure Washing Wooden DeckMany people assume that you just pick a pressure wash to work with and get to the job. That’s not really how it works, and if you’ve ever tried that route, you know that there’s a little bit of finesse that goes into clearing things out or even cleaning with a mobile power washer. If you’re going to get any job done right, you’ll need to consider a few techniques that will no doubt help you gain the upper hand when using a pressure washer for your next job.

Presoak Every Time

Before you get to the powerful blasts, use the fog option to spread detergent or preliminary elements across the elements you’re trying to clean. Done right, you’ll be able to get a little more traction with the cleaning that you want to do. Pre-soaking can also save you a bit of time if you have deep cleaning to get done.

Don’t Use Cold Water

It’s tempting to just use cold water at a high PSI, but that’s not going to get the job done. You want to use warm to hot water whenever possible, including the times you’re going to use a detergent. This is going to help break up dirt and grime, as well as distribute the detergent across the areas that need it most.

Rinse Thoroughly

When you’re using detergents of any type, make sure that you rinse everything thoroughly. The last thing you want is for the chemical elements to dry on the surface. Make sure that you spend extra time rinsing if need be, and double check just in case there is any residue left. Remember, residue that is left over is going to cause problems for the surface that you’re trying to clean, as it will dry into place, and leave spots, and more.

Choose Your Nozzle Wisely

If possible, even when renting, make sure that you choose the nozzle of your pressure washer very carefully. You want to make sure that you have the right nozzle for the job that you’re doing. This will help you get the right degree field of range, and will allow for a better workflow with the PSI you need to clean. There are several different types of nozzle sizes, and can help with spreading the flow across different areas, including hard to reach areas.
Working with pressure washing requires you to work with a variety of different elements. That includes detergents, sand blasting elements, and much more. In order to get the job done right, explore more than just water, and you’ll find that you can move forward with a variety of different components to get the job done right.

Hard Water Removal Tips

hard water removal expertsHard water is a menace that most people don’t really want to tackle. It can be a rough thing to remove, especially if it has been building for some time. If you have glass and you suspect that it has hard water, you’ll no doubt see the effects of it. Your glass may need to be clear, but it will be fogged up by the buildup of the minerals that are flowing in the water. At first glance, this seems like an impossible task to clean, but it’s not. You just need to know how to tackle it correctly. That’s where the following breakdown comes into play. With these tips, you can remove hard water from glass, and get it looking brand new.

Clean The Glass First

First and foremost, you want to have a topical cleaning solution. Go with a window washing fluid, or something that is meant for glass. Clean this regularly, but don’t try too hard to remove the stains. You just want to clean it with normal solutions, before jumping into the next step. Once this is dry, you’ll want to go with the next step.

Purchase Mineral X

You can go to a hardware store and find Mineral X. This is found in a spray bottle and it can help you with the fight against hard water. Once you spray this, you will be able to utilize a professional grade window scraping option to ensure that you get the hard water stains taken out with ease. Mineral X can eat through the scaling, and can give you a nice clean, clear window.

Start With A Small Area

In order to get moving forward with cleaning, you’ll want to start with a smaller area and then work your way out. Don’t use too much at once, and don’t just leave the solution to dry. You want to scrape and spray so that the elements get taken off effectively.

Sealing Glass

When you get the glass clean, clear, and ready for the next step, you’ll want to seek out a glass sealant. These are found in grocery stores, and can seal your glass after the fact. It will repel hard water, and other elements that may want to stay on your glass surface. After it’s all said and done, make sure that you clean periodically, and don’t allow hard water to rest on the glass’s surfaces or it could cause damage yet again.

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Figuring Out The Cost of Cleaning Windows

DIY Window CleaningWindow cleaning is something that should not be neglected. Left without recourse, glass can become seriously dingy, with caked on dirt, grime, and more. It’s imperative to look at cleaning at least a couple of times a year, by professional means. The average cost of cleaning windows varies on several factors, however. You may find that there are some quoted solutions that are very low, and some on the higher end, and it really depends on several factors. Once you understand the factors, and how they play into a price, you’ll see the spectrum of costs. On average, based on national rates, you’ll find that the cost can be upwards of $200 per small home, and upwards of $400 – $1,000 for larger properties.

How Many Windows?

The first major factor to consider is simple, how many windows need cleaning? This can make or break the budget, depending on the literal number of windows that you have in your home. Most charge per pane, but you may find that some charge by the literal square footage of glass that will need cleaning.
Cleaning Just Glass or Screens Too?

The next increment of cost can be regarding screens. Screens that need cleaning pose a particular problem for even professionals. The mesh and framing around a screen can get very dirty, and particles can get stuck in the middle, imposing dirt on glass, and more. Cleaning this in conjunction with glass will drive the price up somewhat.

How High?

Window cleaners factor in the height of windows that they have to clean. Not every company does three story options, for instance. Others charge a fee based on difficulty and equipment needed to get up to the areas that need cleaning the most. There is no “set” price tag on this, but if you have multiple stories, expect to pay a little more to have someone go to the extra heights.

Shape of Windows

What shape are your windows in? Have you cleaned them often, or is this the first time? These are questions that are going to be asked, because there may be mineral deposits stuck on the glass. If that’s the case, extra care has to be given to scrape the windows clean, and then use a solution to seal them. Done properly, this can bring new life to older window installations, but it takes a bit more skill and effort to get it done right, compared to simple cleanings. This and the aforementioned all cause the price tag of cleaning windows up.

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Cleaning Tips To Knockout Nightmare Jobs Around The Home

grout cleaning experts

Every person at one point or another has to deal with a variety of cleaning nightmares in the home. This could mean a variety of different things, but most often, it’s related to things that no one wants to tackle. The longer you let things get cluttered, dirty, and messy, the bigger the piles, and messes start to get. Eventually, they resemble monsters, and at that point, the nightmare of cleaning up begins.
Things don’t have to be that way. You can tackle these problems, even if they become a bit much, by changing up your game plan, and working on them in pieces. In fact, the following tips will help you get a hold of the necessary elements moving forward. With these tips, you can get big messes cleaned up and taken care of with relative ease.

The Microwave Problem

Microwaves are great and convenient, but they can get messy fast. In fact, the grease, grime, and more that gets left behind after a warm up, could very well get stuck to the interior walls. To clean these out, you don’t need a lot of elbow grease, or harsh chemicals. What you need is a bit of water and a little vinegar. Just a splash of vinegar in a mug of water and 5 minutes will do you. Put these in the microwave, let it run for about 5 minutes, and then wipe it all clean when it’s over. You’ll be surprised how easy this is.

The Garbage Disposal Smell

At some point your garbage disposal is going to smell bad. It’s because it has taken on a lot of different foods, and has broken them down and left them inside. To clean this out, you’ll want to look into adding half a cup of baking soda and white vinegar (hot). Now, once that’s in your disposal, drop ice into it, and then turn on the power. You’ll find that this mix is going to take out the smell, clean up the interior, and leave your disposal smelling like new.

Grease and Mold

Getting grease and mold out of your home can be rough. Greasy floors in the kitchen, mold and mildew in tile around your sinks, and bathrooms, all create a sense of chaos when trying to clean them over time. You can easily get to work cleaning these with a little bit of baking soda and water. You’ll need to mix it into a paste, with some water, and use a scrubbing brush to get to the areas that showcase the most wear. Done right, you’ll find that the baking soda’s acidity (alkaline) will eat through the grease and grime with care, and you can wipe it away clean.

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