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Figuring Out The Cost of Cleaning Windows

DIY Window CleaningWindow cleaning is something that should not be neglected. Left without recourse, glass can become seriously dingy, with caked on dirt, grime, and more. It’s imperative to look at cleaning at least a couple of times a year, by professional means. The average cost of cleaning windows varies on several factors, however. You may find that there are some quoted solutions that are very low, and some on the higher end, and it really depends on several factors. Once you understand the factors, and how they play into a price, you’ll see the spectrum of costs. On average, based on national rates, you’ll find that the cost can be upwards of $200 per small home, and upwards of $400 – $1,000 for larger properties.

How Many Windows?

The first major factor to consider is simple, how many windows need cleaning? This can make or break the budget, depending on the literal number of windows that you have in your home. Most charge per pane, but you may find that some charge by the literal square footage of glass that will need cleaning.
Cleaning Just Glass or Screens Too?

The next increment of cost can be regarding screens. Screens that need cleaning pose a particular problem for even professionals. The mesh and framing around a screen can get very dirty, and particles can get stuck in the middle, imposing dirt on glass, and more. Cleaning this in conjunction with glass will drive the price up somewhat.

How High?

Window cleaners factor in the height of windows that they have to clean. Not every company does three story options, for instance. Others charge a fee based on difficulty and equipment needed to get up to the areas that need cleaning the most. There is no “set” price tag on this, but if you have multiple stories, expect to pay a little more to have someone go to the extra heights.

Shape of Windows

What shape are your windows in? Have you cleaned them often, or is this the first time? These are questions that are going to be asked, because there may be mineral deposits stuck on the glass. If that’s the case, extra care has to be given to scrape the windows clean, and then use a solution to seal them. Done properly, this can bring new life to older window installations, but it takes a bit more skill and effort to get it done right, compared to simple cleanings. This and the aforementioned all cause the price tag of cleaning windows up.

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How Much Will It Cost To Get Professional Window Cleaning Done

DIY Window CleaningThere’s a running gag in comedy that shows housekeepers, nannies, butlers, and more telling their employers that they don’t do windows. That gag may be funny, but there are professionals that don’t say no to this job. Professional window cleaning is a major industry, and there are a lot of people that can help you with your home’s glass. If you don’t want to do it, or perhaps hired a housekeeper that avoids this, don’t worry, you can hire someone else to get it done. But the question remains, how much would it cost? How much does window cleaning cost? While there is no “one” answer, there are a few things to consider as you move forward with this notion.

Panes Can Be Priced

One of the most popular ways that companies price out their window cleaning is through panes. How many panes are needed to be cleaned? The average pane will cost you upwards of $7 or higher. With that average, an individual could end up paying upwards of $250 – $300 for their whole house to get cleaned. Keep in mind that’s a full house, with screens and doors as well. Anywhere there’s glass, professionals will clean those areas.

Many Factors To Consider

Moving away from the panes that you have, take into consideration that you may have to deal with other factors. For instance, will the company you hire be required to use ladders or get to risky areas of your home? Will there be easy access to all windows? There’s also the issue of just how bad the windows are? When’s the last time they were cleaned?
These factors all go into the overall cost that you may have to deal with. Don’t assume that you’re going to be dealing with just “one” factor, in the price that you’re quoted. Professionals have to look and estimate the costs based on these factors and then some.

Additional Costs

Prices can start to go up if you have specific types of glass. Different glass types require different solutions. You may also have painted areas, screens that don’t remove easily, and much more. If there are multiple stories, you may also run into an added cost. The price tag can shoot up based on difficulty in most cases, so make sure that you are aware of that when you’re seeking out an estimate.
At the end of the day, the above illustrates just a few elements of what goes into the costs of professional window cleaning. These vary by whom you contact, but they can at least help you figure out a base rate.

Hiring A Professional Window Cleaner? Consider A Few Notes Beforehand

DIY Window CleaningFrom time to time, homeowners will no doubt have to consider whether or not to hire a professional cleaning service for windows. You may have to clean your windows and you don’t want to do it again, or rather you may not be getting the cleanest shine. Whatever the case is, whether it’s time or function, you will want to consider hiring a pro. There are several reasons why this is a better route than going all DIY with your windows, and it starts with some rudimentary notes.

The Time Saving Issue

Before scoffing at the notion of hiring help, consider that this could very well save you a lot of time. That’s right, time is everything when you’ve got a family to take care of and working a job. If you don’t clean your windows nearly enough as you’d like, then perhaps having time is the premier thing to consider as a positive note to hiring a professional service.

The Experienced Cleaner

Hiring someone means that you’re hiring them with experience. They have experience in denoting issues that may be manifesting with your windows. Things like weakening frames, cracks, and even pest infestations you may not know exist. They’ll be able to share with you their findings as they clean, and help you get your home’s windows completely clear.

Using The Right Products

How do you clean a window? If you answered with a blue chemical liquid, you may be harming your glass. Some glass requires specific chemical cleaning, and others don’t. Do you know what you need for your home? This is something that a professional will be able to tell you, and even use. When you hire someone, they’ll use the right products and that could lead to longevity for your glass.

Reputation Matters

At the end of the day, the sole purpose of a window cleaner is to get things clean and clear of spots. They stake their reputation on the line each time they work with someone, which is why this matters. When you do it yourself, you can afford to leave a streak, or a spot, and that’s ok. However, if a pro leaves spots, they have done a terrible job and their reputation can be tarnished. That little element is something that you have to consider as you look to hire someone to help you with your windows.

Before you hire anyone, take time to consider whether or not you have a need for help. Chances are, if you’re not cleaning windows often, you could use a helping hand. In that case, consider the aforementioned benefits, and hire a pro.

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