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Tips For Having Fun While Cleaning

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No one looks forward to having to clean their home. Many feel that it’s a tiring process, and others just try to avoid it all costs. If you don’t want to feel like you’re doing some chore, and instead want to fight your way through the motions of cleaning, then you’re not alone. The following tips are going to help you have a little fun, and get through all of your chores while enjoying the time spent doing them. It may seem crazy, but it’s absolutely simple to progress with if you try a few things.

Make It A Party

This may sound odd, but you’ll find that it can be quite fun. Think of your cleaning adventure like a themed party. Get a costume, and pretend that you’re in a different time and place, and get the whole family involved. Together, you can have a ball cleaning up, as though it were Halloween, only your cleaning in costume and having a few laughs as you go through the motions.

Race Towards The End

Separate the chores that you have to do amidst family members, and set up a prize for whomever cleans up first. You’ll be surprised how motivated family can become when there’s a prize to be won. Racing towards the finish line can help everyone get involved with cleaning, and it is absolutely fun. Join in with them and have separate prizes to mix things up. This simple incentive is well worth exploring.

Make It A Game

One of the easiest games to play while you’re cleaning is basketball. Encourage people to toss trash away into baskets, and slam things in place. Set these up around the house and watch your home become a makeshift court, while everything is getting cleaned up with ease.

Use Your Feet

When looking to clean up floors, utilize your feet. Look into mopping floors by attaching sponges or towels to your feet and pretend to skate through. Be careful with this, as it can get slippery, but once you get this down, you can slide around and clean up with a lot of fun at the helm of your task.

Sing, Dance, Be Merry

Put on some music, and sing along. Use anything that you’re cleaning with as a microphone. Take a few moments to dance, shake, and sing along to tunes that you enjoy. Get the family involved and just have a ball while you’re dusting, mopping, and more.
The best way to have fun with cleaning is to make a concerted effort to do things with joy. Find new ways to do things, and test out the above, because chores and cleaning don’t have to be boring.

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Questions To Ask House Cleaning Services Before Hiring Them

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What Are The Prices?

The first thing that you should consider is the price. Ask about how the prices are derived, and if there are any hidden, extra fees, or anything that would incur costing more on an invoice. If possible get an estimate so that you are given a price point that you can compare to others. Don’t accept any first offer, and ask about specials, etc.

How Do You Hire Your Workers?

Good cleaning services are not going to hide about how they hire, or if they conduct background checks on their employees. Remember, you’re inviting people into your home, which should not be taken lightly. Ask about security, and measure that are taken to screen workers so that you have peace of mind.

Do You Have Insurance?

Ask about insurance, and whether or not a company is bonded. Not only that, ask for their certification numbers and check them yourself. You can always see if a person’s license is valid, and if they are in fact worth hiring. If you don’t ask about this, something could go wrong in your home and you could be held liable. Don’t get stuck with that, ask about this critical piece of information.
Ask About Supplies and Equipment

The next thing that you should ask is in regards to whether or not they will bring supplies, equipment, and more. Some companies require you to have the supplies, and others bring their own. If you aren’t sure about this, then you are going to be disappointed when you don’t have all the elements needed to move forward.

Is There A Guarantee?

When you are getting a service provided to you, always ask about a guarantee. That means that if you’re not satisfied with the work done, you could get your money back, or at least have someone come back and clean up what they missed. This is critical because you’re hiring someone to clean your home, and that’s a specific thing. If you don’t ask, you may not know before hiring, that’s for sure.

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Stocking Your Cleaning Cabinet With Essentials

house cleaning expertsWhen you’re looking to clean your home, you shouldn’t have to make a run to the store each and every time. Instead, you should have a stocked cleaning cabinet with all the essentials. But what are the essentials? That’s a question that many people ask themselves, not knowing what to put in place. The following breakdown will help you get the right elements in place so that you are in fact moving forward with the right solution, for the right job.

The Basic Line Up (tools)

First and foremost, you should have a few basics on hand. This includes sponges, brushes, dusters, and shop towels or rags. Just don’t leave rags in a flammable place, or have them dipped in any solution. Dry goods are fine. Aside from these basic utensils, you should have a few detergents.

Detergent Options

There are a lot of detergents that you can purchase today. The absolute basics that you should have on hand should be laundry, chlorine bleach, dishwasher detergent, hand-washing soap, stain remover, and multi-surface cleaners. If you have pets, you can add carpet cleaners for stains, but other than that, these are a good starting point.

Specific Cleaners

Of course, you’ll have to go beyond the detergent list above. You may have specific elements in your home that require certain types of soap and cleaners. For that, you’ll need to remember to utilize glass cleaner, furniture polish, stainless steel cleaner, and of course, oven cleaner. These options are good to have on hand, and work great for specific cleaning tasks.

Assess Specific Needs

The above lists can help you stock your cabinet with ease. However, what if you have specific options that need cleaning? Well, for that you will need to assess any special needs that you may have and then make certain purchases to help with cleaning.


Purchase options that are specific to the furnishings that you have. For instance, you may have wood furniture, leather, steel, or any number of frameworks. Purchase options that are specifically made to clean the surface and elements overall.
Countertops and Tabletops

You may have marble, granite, hardwood, and other types of counters and tables. To clean these, make sure that you have specific cleaners for them. For instance, you will find that there cleaners that are made specifically for granite and stone. For marble, there are acidic cleaners that you should NEVER use. You’ll need to be very careful with the surfaces here and stock cleaners that are specifically formulated for the raw materials that you’re cleaning.

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Secret House Cleaning Tips From The Professionals

green cleaning expertsWhen it comes to cleaning up your home, you should take hints from professionals. There’s a lot of professional secrets that they don’t want you to know. Once you know how to clear and clean things up, you’ll no doubt enjoy a much cleaner home, and much faster process. The following tips and tricks are lifted directly from the professionals that many pay to clean their home.

Getting Rid of Soap Scum

The first major tip is simple, scrape off soap scum using a putty knife. Simple, right? Well, once you do this, you’ll want to switch up what you’re using to clean. Use gel based soaps, for instance, and you will not have to fight soap scum nearly as much. It’s not best to use bar soaps, as they can leave residue and a lot of issues in the bathroom.

Dust Faster

If you’re not keen on dusting, you could always save a little time with a simple tool. The simplest of tools for dusting works just like they did in the past, and it’s a feather duster. Feather dusters can help you get a room clean fast, and can definitely give you a helping hand in eradicating dust from all over the home.

Clean Stainless Steel With Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is one of the best things that you can use to clean up stainless steel. This will help you not only keep that metal surface shiny, it will help prevent elements from sticking on it. This includes fingerprints, and other issues that could definitely cause problems. Mineral oil is known for repelling liquids, and allowing greater resistance from staining.

Orange Peels and Ice For Disposals

Your disposal can smell a great deal. To ensure that it doesn’t smell too bad, consider using orange peels down your disposal. Put some orange peels in there, then add some ice cubes and run it. Then cover up the disposal, fill the sink with water, and then drain it. You’ll find that this process is not only going to flush debris and other elements, but it will also give you a nice citrus scent.

Cleaning Windows Without Streaks

Streaks on windows can be quite annoying. You could easily ensure that you’re cleaning without them by using a newspaper for smaller windows. If you have larger solutions, you can purchase a good squeegee and ensure that the water and dust build up gets removed with relative ease.
One last trick you may want to use is another simple one, plugging in your vacuum in an open area. That allows you to vacuum more surface area, and reduce the amount of times you stop to find another outlet for your vacuum as you go along room to room.

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Getting A Home Rent Ready Fast With Simple Tips

home cleaning expertsFor landlords, one of the issues that they have before renting property is the cleanup. When a tenant leaves, they may have to clear up a lot of different elements in the home, and make sure that the apartment or home is absolutely spotless. There’s nothing more embarrassing than having a new tenant come in and find a dirty home. With that in mind, there are a few things that one can do to ensure that things are ready to rent, no matter what the state of the property’s previous tenants left it in. The following are fast, simple tips you can follow today.

Bathroom Options

The bathroom can be a simple solution. You will want to get a spray bottle and use vinegar and water and use that as your main cleaner. Spray grout, tubs, and fixtures with this mixture and clean things up thoroughly. Use bleach on the toilets, and scrub areas with a little bit of baking soda and water.
For showerheads and fixtures that may have deposits, use vinegar to get them clean. You can unscrew showerheads and place them in vinegar to release the deposits. As for rust and other surfaces, there is a cleaner called CLR that can help you work this stuff out with relative ease.

The Kitchen

For the kitchen, the biggest problems are within the stove and the stink. You’ll want to make sure that you clean the sink and disposal completely, and deodorize it before you rent out anything. For stovetops and ovens, look at using baking soda, forming it into a paste and using that as a cleaner. It will not only help with stains, it will help deodorizing things as well.
You should run the dishwasher with a mix of powdered lemonade. You’ll be surprised how well this works, and how amazing it will smell as a result.

All Other Living Areas

As for living areas, you should look at vacuuming, and adding baking soda to the carpets as you do this. Other than that, look at cleaning with WD-40 for removing crayon and marks on walls, as well as helping with various stains that can’t get taken off with ease.
Another trick to help you with all of this is to use vanilla dipped in cotton. Put this in your vacuum cleaners bag and you’ll have an interesting smell go through your home, that will change the complexion of cleaning. Take time to go over these steps and the cleaning process will be a lot easier to manage, that’s for sure.

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How Vinegar Can Be Used In Your Home Today

vinegarVinegar is one of the most interesting liquids in the world. When you have this in your home, you’ll have so many uses you will no doubt be surprised. You can use this for cleaning, eating, and so much more. If you’re curious as to what you can use this for in your home, consider the following breakdown of options that will no doubt change how you see these things overall.

For the Bathroom

First and foremost, you’re going to find that vinegar can help break through a lot of the dirt and grime that hit your bathroom. This includes toilet bowls, which can be tough to clean. Vinegar and denture cleaner mixed together will take the plaque and dirt that grips the porcelain of your toilets with relative ease. Use water and vinegar with just a little dish soap in a spray bottle, and you’ll be able to clean your bathroom tiles with relative ease. The vinegar reacts to elements that stick to your walls and grout and allows for an easier time cleaning.

Cleaning Up The Kitchen

Kitchen cleaning can become incredible. You’re going to find that vinegar and water again can help with cleaning when mixed with just a little dish liquid. You can clean pots and pans and get stuck on food fast. You can also clean all your dishes, and even the racks within your oven. Run a cycle of water and vinegar in your coffee maker and you’ll no doubt find something grand. This will remove all the build up inside your coffee maker, and clear the carafe it goes into as well. Do this at least twice, and let the mix sit for at least 30 minutes to see maximum results.

For Windows

If you’re looking for an easy window and glass cleaner, then mix together rubbing alcohol, water, and vinegar and you’re going to find an incredible cleanser for your glass areas. This will leave streak free shine, and simple clarity when trying to wash the windows.

Cleaning Up After Pets

If you have pets, you will no doubt have to deal with accidents at one point. Accidents can leave a smell, and stains. Well, vinegar once again can help you out. You’ll want to spray stains with vinegar, and let them settle in, then use baking soda on top. Once you have that done, allow it to dry completely then run a vacuum through it. You’ll find that you’ll clean this stain and smell with relative ease, neutralizing pet issues outright.

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Cleaning Without Serious Stress – Tips To Get Things Done

house cleaning expertsThe modern home today is a difficult one to process sometimes. People have to juggle work, social lives, and then throw in kids into the mix and things really get difficult to manage. Cleaning can cause some serious nightmares, and well, it’s a tough job. If you aren’t keen on cleaning, or have been putting it off because it’s a bit difficult to manage, don’t panic. The following tips and tricks will help you get things cleaner, faster.

Cleaning The Microwave

The microwave can take a beating from daily use. You’ll find that splatters tell the tale of all sorts of foods that you’ve tried to bring into the mix. If you’re going to clean this without too much stress, then focus on this simple plan. Mix water and vinegar and put it into a bowl. Two cups should do it. Then put this in the microwave and let it run for 5 minutes. You’ll find that you can clean the dirt and grime by simply wiping the interior after this cycle finishes up.

The Garbage Disposal Problem

Garbage disposals can take on a whole new smell. If you want to clean things up a bit use half a cup of baking soda mixed with half a cup of vinegar. Mix this up and then drop it into the disposal and then run hot water and clear things up a bit. Within 5 minutes you’ll have a brand new, easy smelling disposal without having to worry.

The Rubber Glove Trick

For pet owners, consider getting a pair of rubber gloves. This is going to help you pick up stray hair from surfaces. You’ll wet the gloves and simply use them to pick up hair that is around different areas of your home. You’ll be surprised how simple this works and how the rubber gloves pick up stray hair, and elements that you would normally have to spend a lot of time vacuuming or using brushes to pick up.

The Grease On The Floor

Your kitchen’s flooring gets a lot of traffic, and with that comes oil and grease. Cooking, walking, and letting things settle can be tough to deal with. You can clean up the floors by simply mixing baking soda and water in a ratio of 3:1 and use that to clean the floor. You’ll find that the grease and oil elements will lift up fast, and you’ll have clean floors fast.

Bleach Versus Mold In The Shower

One last tip that you will want to consider is simple, clean mold in your shower grout with bleach. Use cotton coils and soak them in bleach a bit and then put them along the grout and leave them for a few hours in place. After a few hours, you can take them off, and splash them with water, and you’ll have clean, mold-free grout.

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