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Cleaning Tips To Knockout Nightmare Jobs Around The Home

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Every person at one point or another has to deal with a variety of cleaning nightmares in the home. This could mean a variety of different things, but most often, it’s related to things that no one wants to tackle. The longer you let things get cluttered, dirty, and messy, the bigger the piles, and messes start to get. Eventually, they resemble monsters, and at that point, the nightmare of cleaning up begins.
Things don’t have to be that way. You can tackle these problems, even if they become a bit much, by changing up your game plan, and working on them in pieces. In fact, the following tips will help you get a hold of the necessary elements moving forward. With these tips, you can get big messes cleaned up and taken care of with relative ease.

The Microwave Problem

Microwaves are great and convenient, but they can get messy fast. In fact, the grease, grime, and more that gets left behind after a warm up, could very well get stuck to the interior walls. To clean these out, you don’t need a lot of elbow grease, or harsh chemicals. What you need is a bit of water and a little vinegar. Just a splash of vinegar in a mug of water and 5 minutes will do you. Put these in the microwave, let it run for about 5 minutes, and then wipe it all clean when it’s over. You’ll be surprised how easy this is.

The Garbage Disposal Smell

At some point your garbage disposal is going to smell bad. It’s because it has taken on a lot of different foods, and has broken them down and left them inside. To clean this out, you’ll want to look into adding half a cup of baking soda and white vinegar (hot). Now, once that’s in your disposal, drop ice into it, and then turn on the power. You’ll find that this mix is going to take out the smell, clean up the interior, and leave your disposal smelling like new.

Grease and Mold

Getting grease and mold out of your home can be rough. Greasy floors in the kitchen, mold and mildew in tile around your sinks, and bathrooms, all create a sense of chaos when trying to clean them over time. You can easily get to work cleaning these with a little bit of baking soda and water. You’ll need to mix it into a paste, with some water, and use a scrubbing brush to get to the areas that showcase the most wear. Done right, you’ll find that the baking soda’s acidity (alkaline) will eat through the grease and grime with care, and you can wipe it away clean.

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Tips For Having Fun While Cleaning

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No one looks forward to having to clean their home. Many feel that it’s a tiring process, and others just try to avoid it all costs. If you don’t want to feel like you’re doing some chore, and instead want to fight your way through the motions of cleaning, then you’re not alone. The following tips are going to help you have a little fun, and get through all of your chores while enjoying the time spent doing them. It may seem crazy, but it’s absolutely simple to progress with if you try a few things.

Make It A Party

This may sound odd, but you’ll find that it can be quite fun. Think of your cleaning adventure like a themed party. Get a costume, and pretend that you’re in a different time and place, and get the whole family involved. Together, you can have a ball cleaning up, as though it were Halloween, only your cleaning in costume and having a few laughs as you go through the motions.

Race Towards The End

Separate the chores that you have to do amidst family members, and set up a prize for whomever cleans up first. You’ll be surprised how motivated family can become when there’s a prize to be won. Racing towards the finish line can help everyone get involved with cleaning, and it is absolutely fun. Join in with them and have separate prizes to mix things up. This simple incentive is well worth exploring.

Make It A Game

One of the easiest games to play while you’re cleaning is basketball. Encourage people to toss trash away into baskets, and slam things in place. Set these up around the house and watch your home become a makeshift court, while everything is getting cleaned up with ease.

Use Your Feet

When looking to clean up floors, utilize your feet. Look into mopping floors by attaching sponges or towels to your feet and pretend to skate through. Be careful with this, as it can get slippery, but once you get this down, you can slide around and clean up with a lot of fun at the helm of your task.

Sing, Dance, Be Merry

Put on some music, and sing along. Use anything that you’re cleaning with as a microphone. Take a few moments to dance, shake, and sing along to tunes that you enjoy. Get the family involved and just have a ball while you’re dusting, mopping, and more.
The best way to have fun with cleaning is to make a concerted effort to do things with joy. Find new ways to do things, and test out the above, because chores and cleaning don’t have to be boring.

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Clean Grout In Bathroom The Green Way

Cleaning grout in the bathroom or just about any tiled area can be somewhat difficult. The difficulty rises when you have to deal with mold, and other elements that can only be cleared with harsh chemicals. Instead of working with hard chemicals and deal with the fumes, you can go green. Going green gets some negative attention from pundits that claim the methods won’t work like they should. The truth of the matter, however, is that there are some options that can help with cleaning in a simple manner, with the same power of hard chemicals. The following will help you clean grout while going green, without harsh chemicals, guaranteed.

Mix Things Up

You’ll need to mix things up first. Get baking soda, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, a spray bottle, and a toothbrush or scrub brush of any kind. These are the tools that you are going to need to get things mixed up and cleared out.

Spray Grout First

Mix a solution of vinegar and water in a ratio of 1 to 1. This is going to be the big element that you’re working with. Once you have this set, you’ll want to spray your grout with this. This solution is going to hit the dirt and grime and start to reverse the effects. This is a preliminary element, so don’t wipe it off right away, let it settle. Spray liberally throughout, and don’t touch it. Give it about 10 minutes’ tops.

Brushing Grout

After you’ve sprayed, wipe things off and move to this step. Mix baking soda and water to form a paste. This is going to be your foundation for scrubbing the dirt away. The preliminary elements are going to break apart the particles, and this is going to help with getting rid of soap scum and mold with ease. Get your paste, and then use a brush to get into the grout and the areas you want to clean after you’ve sprayed and wiped away the vinegar and water mixture.
If this doesn’t work, or you’re having a hard time getting through a tough stain, then it’s time to step up to hydrogen peroxide. Add this to your paste, and then scrub a bit more. You’ll find that this is going to pay off dividends as it will clean up the hard spots and grout with ease.

Keep At It

The key to ensuring that this all works is simple, keep at it. Don’t let up. If you’re serious about your bathroom getting cleared and cleaned, then use the above elements to get things cleared. However, don’t let too much time go by between cleaning.

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Cleaning Hacks You Should Definitely Try Out

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Cleaning may seem simple enough for you to get through, but even with your best methods, you may be able to do things faster. Life hacks are all the rage, and you may find that some of them will help you get things done faster, and easier. Cleaning hacks exist to help you get more done in a shorter span of time, with options that are going to pay off immediately. Whether you’re a working parent, busy student, or just aren’t a fan of cleaning, consider a few cleaning hacks that can help you save time, keep things neat, and clean, without having to spend a lot of time.

The Mighty Lint Roller

Lint rollers are interesting in that you can clean up clothing fast. Cleaning clothing is great, as it can remove dust, pet hair, and more. However, did you know that you can clean a lot more? For instance, if you have lamps, use your roller on lampshades and you’ll find that it can pick up lint, dust, and more. You could also use this on fabric couches, and in some cases, clean up some dust and dander off of your table cloth.

Cleaning Toys

For parents that want to clean plastic toys, one option that you may be surprised about is that of dishwashing. You don’t have to work hard to clean up plastic toys, you can put them in your dishwasher and have them completely clean, disinfected, and dry within one cycle. This is definitely going to save you time, and effort for sure. Kids can be tough on toys, and they can get dirty fast, so this option is going to keep them clean over time.
Newspapers Still Work For Windows

In a hurry? Want to make sure that your windows are clean and clear? Use newspaper when in doubt and you’ll be able to get a clear, clean, streak free window or any glass surfaces. Instead of throwing out your newspapers, use them to help you get glass all the more cleaner.

Dusting Corners and Hard To Reach Areas

Dusting in a corner and hard to reach areas can be a bit irksome. If you’re going to get things 100% dusted, you’ll want to go with a paintbrush. That’s right, use paintbrushes that are clean, never used, to dust the corners of your home, as well as any areas that is hard to get to. While you’re doing that, use school erasers to clean scuffs around floorboards, and corners.

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Secret House Cleaning Tips From The Professionals

green cleaning expertsWhen it comes to cleaning up your home, you should take hints from professionals. There’s a lot of professional secrets that they don’t want you to know. Once you know how to clear and clean things up, you’ll no doubt enjoy a much cleaner home, and much faster process. The following tips and tricks are lifted directly from the professionals that many pay to clean their home.

Getting Rid of Soap Scum

The first major tip is simple, scrape off soap scum using a putty knife. Simple, right? Well, once you do this, you’ll want to switch up what you’re using to clean. Use gel based soaps, for instance, and you will not have to fight soap scum nearly as much. It’s not best to use bar soaps, as they can leave residue and a lot of issues in the bathroom.

Dust Faster

If you’re not keen on dusting, you could always save a little time with a simple tool. The simplest of tools for dusting works just like they did in the past, and it’s a feather duster. Feather dusters can help you get a room clean fast, and can definitely give you a helping hand in eradicating dust from all over the home.

Clean Stainless Steel With Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is one of the best things that you can use to clean up stainless steel. This will help you not only keep that metal surface shiny, it will help prevent elements from sticking on it. This includes fingerprints, and other issues that could definitely cause problems. Mineral oil is known for repelling liquids, and allowing greater resistance from staining.

Orange Peels and Ice For Disposals

Your disposal can smell a great deal. To ensure that it doesn’t smell too bad, consider using orange peels down your disposal. Put some orange peels in there, then add some ice cubes and run it. Then cover up the disposal, fill the sink with water, and then drain it. You’ll find that this process is not only going to flush debris and other elements, but it will also give you a nice citrus scent.

Cleaning Windows Without Streaks

Streaks on windows can be quite annoying. You could easily ensure that you’re cleaning without them by using a newspaper for smaller windows. If you have larger solutions, you can purchase a good squeegee and ensure that the water and dust build up gets removed with relative ease.
One last trick you may want to use is another simple one, plugging in your vacuum in an open area. That allows you to vacuum more surface area, and reduce the amount of times you stop to find another outlet for your vacuum as you go along room to room.

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Simple Stain Remover Recipes Every Parent Should Know

house cleaning expertsParents today will know the frustration of having to clean up stained clothing. Life is full of mystery elements, and you never know where stains can come from. If you want to make sure that things are cleaned with ease, you’ll need to know some insider tips and tricks on how to get it done. With that in mind, consider the following run down of stain remover solutions that could very well help your life get a little easier to manage.

Easy Water Solution

One of the best things that you can do is mix water with a tablespoon of vinegar, a tablespoon of baking soda, and a teaspoon of dish soap, with water. Shake this up in a spray bottle and you will have a powerful solution that can clean just about anything. Use this for your kitchen, bathroom, and even mirrors. This is a clean, easy to mix mixture that attacks stains and allows for peace of mind when you need it most. It’s cheap, easy to mix, and will no doubt surprise you with the efficient nature of the results.

Quick Liquid Laundry Soap

You’ll find that you can easily make your own liquid laundry soap if you just know what to mix. You can utilize half a cup of washing soda, half a cup of borax, and half a bar of zote soap. Mix this with 32 cups of water and you’ll have a mixture that will emulate any major detergent that you may find on store shelves today. This is a quick, simple to mix option that works like a charm, every single time.

The Easy Grease Cleaner Option

Do you have grease stains? Well, we all have to deal with these at one point or another, but there are ways to make things a bit easier to manage. You’ll be surprised with how good baby powder works like a charm. No joke, this is something that will absolutely surprise you. Put the powder on your stain or grease and let it sit for a few ours. You’ll find that oil and grease stand no chance, and will absolutely be easy to manage, cleaning with relative ease after the fact.

Rubbing Alcohol To Clean Paint

Lastly, you can use rubbing alcohol mixed with equal parts water and see a huge change in how you clean paint. Use this to remove stains, and even clean up nail polish. This clears through the mess without causing damage to surfaces, as long as you mix the rubbing alcohol with water to break it up a little.

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How Vinegar Can Be Used In Your Home Today

vinegarVinegar is one of the most interesting liquids in the world. When you have this in your home, you’ll have so many uses you will no doubt be surprised. You can use this for cleaning, eating, and so much more. If you’re curious as to what you can use this for in your home, consider the following breakdown of options that will no doubt change how you see these things overall.

For the Bathroom

First and foremost, you’re going to find that vinegar can help break through a lot of the dirt and grime that hit your bathroom. This includes toilet bowls, which can be tough to clean. Vinegar and denture cleaner mixed together will take the plaque and dirt that grips the porcelain of your toilets with relative ease. Use water and vinegar with just a little dish soap in a spray bottle, and you’ll be able to clean your bathroom tiles with relative ease. The vinegar reacts to elements that stick to your walls and grout and allows for an easier time cleaning.

Cleaning Up The Kitchen

Kitchen cleaning can become incredible. You’re going to find that vinegar and water again can help with cleaning when mixed with just a little dish liquid. You can clean pots and pans and get stuck on food fast. You can also clean all your dishes, and even the racks within your oven. Run a cycle of water and vinegar in your coffee maker and you’ll no doubt find something grand. This will remove all the build up inside your coffee maker, and clear the carafe it goes into as well. Do this at least twice, and let the mix sit for at least 30 minutes to see maximum results.

For Windows

If you’re looking for an easy window and glass cleaner, then mix together rubbing alcohol, water, and vinegar and you’re going to find an incredible cleanser for your glass areas. This will leave streak free shine, and simple clarity when trying to wash the windows.

Cleaning Up After Pets

If you have pets, you will no doubt have to deal with accidents at one point. Accidents can leave a smell, and stains. Well, vinegar once again can help you out. You’ll want to spray stains with vinegar, and let them settle in, then use baking soda on top. Once you have that done, allow it to dry completely then run a vacuum through it. You’ll find that you’ll clean this stain and smell with relative ease, neutralizing pet issues outright.

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