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Tackle Spring Cleaning Like A Pro With These Tips

green cleaning expertsThe spring season is upon us, which means that cleaning is going to be on the agenda for millions. If you’re planning on cleaning before the Summer months start to usher in high heat, then perhaps you will want to focus on efficiency. The following tips are going to help you tackle your home’s cleaning needs, and get a great deal of work done in a short span of time. Maximize everything, by going forward with a few simple steps.

Make A Plan

Before diving in, plan out what you want to get done as a whole. Once you have a list of things that you want to work on, you’ll want to start to break things down into micro-tasks. Those micro-tasks are then going to need to get worked out slowly. As you check items off of your list, you’ll start to see that the larger goal of cleaning your whole home will be closer and closer, until you finally get it all done. As long as you have a plan of action, and you work towards a larger goal, you’ll see results in due time.

Prioritize The Big Projects

As you go down your plan, make sure that you take special care of the bigger tasks. Prioritize based on the amount of time and effort you’re going to have to put in to work on certain things. For instance, your oven may need a bit of extra work, or your refrigerator is a mess, clean them based on scheduling. Schedule the options that take the most time first, and then speed through minor cleaning options, to get everything done in an efficient manner.

Update Your Supplies

As you go along with cleaning this spring, make sure that you pay close attention to your cleaning supplies. Make sure that you’re updating them, switching them out, and working towards replenishing items that you’re low on. By doing this, you will be able to gauge which options you use the most, and which ones aren’t used often. That will help you not only clean for spring, but also maintain the work you’ve done long after the season is over.

Downsize Your Stuff

Clutter will start to become more apparent as you clean. If you find that there’s a lot of things that you’re not using, perhaps it’s time to give them away or sell them off. Don’t keep a lot of things that you’re not going to watch, use, or work with lying around. Don’t let them collect dust in a cabinet, and instead, downsize. This can help you reclaim space, and realize what matters most in your home.

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Cleaning Tips To Knockout Nightmare Jobs Around The Home

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Every person at one point or another has to deal with a variety of cleaning nightmares in the home. This could mean a variety of different things, but most often, it’s related to things that no one wants to tackle. The longer you let things get cluttered, dirty, and messy, the bigger the piles, and messes start to get. Eventually, they resemble monsters, and at that point, the nightmare of cleaning up begins.
Things don’t have to be that way. You can tackle these problems, even if they become a bit much, by changing up your game plan, and working on them in pieces. In fact, the following tips will help you get a hold of the necessary elements moving forward. With these tips, you can get big messes cleaned up and taken care of with relative ease.

The Microwave Problem

Microwaves are great and convenient, but they can get messy fast. In fact, the grease, grime, and more that gets left behind after a warm up, could very well get stuck to the interior walls. To clean these out, you don’t need a lot of elbow grease, or harsh chemicals. What you need is a bit of water and a little vinegar. Just a splash of vinegar in a mug of water and 5 minutes will do you. Put these in the microwave, let it run for about 5 minutes, and then wipe it all clean when it’s over. You’ll be surprised how easy this is.

The Garbage Disposal Smell

At some point your garbage disposal is going to smell bad. It’s because it has taken on a lot of different foods, and has broken them down and left them inside. To clean this out, you’ll want to look into adding half a cup of baking soda and white vinegar (hot). Now, once that’s in your disposal, drop ice into it, and then turn on the power. You’ll find that this mix is going to take out the smell, clean up the interior, and leave your disposal smelling like new.

Grease and Mold

Getting grease and mold out of your home can be rough. Greasy floors in the kitchen, mold and mildew in tile around your sinks, and bathrooms, all create a sense of chaos when trying to clean them over time. You can easily get to work cleaning these with a little bit of baking soda and water. You’ll need to mix it into a paste, with some water, and use a scrubbing brush to get to the areas that showcase the most wear. Done right, you’ll find that the baking soda’s acidity (alkaline) will eat through the grease and grime with care, and you can wipe it away clean.

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Cleaning Tips To Help Ease Allergies

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With Spring coming through, allergies are not far behind. If you or someone in your home suffers from seasonal allergies, you don’t want to risk having to deal with issues when inside the home. That’s why it’s imperative that you utilize a few tips to help you ease issues through cleaning. The following tips can help eradicate the root causes for allergies across nearly any room in your home.

In The Bedroom

One of the places people overlook when cleaning their home to protect against allergens is the bedroom. This is an area that can have a great deal of triggers. You want to clean this thoroughly, not just vacuuming, mind you, but washing linens completely. Wash all linens in hot water, and vacuum under and around areas that you usually don’t, including under the bed. Pull out dressers, mirrors, and areas that you normally wouldn’t think of cleaning and be thorough.

Bathroom Areas

The bathroom should be cleaned up often, as you can find irritants throughout. You should make sure that you clean out shower areas, remove any grime, dirt, and dust from the flooring, sink, and tiles. Also, make sure that you clean out the vent traps, and fan elements. Open windows and make sure that you ventilate often, so that dampness goes away. If you do not fan the area, you may have to deal with mold, which is a serious problem.

Entryways and Hallways

The next thing that you should consider is simple, clean your entry way thoroughly. The first place where pollen and other allergens show up is in high-traffic areas. That’s where the front door and hallways get a great deal of issue. You want to make sure that you vacuum thoroughly in these areas, and you do not skip out on any details. Vacuum, dust, and shake out rugs if need be. You may need to add a HEPA air filter in the area to help pull further allergens from the air as well.

The Green Element

Moving along with cleaning, you may want to look into green solutions. Green cleaning options can help with cleaning up without irritants in the rugs, carpeting, and other areas. Often, chemicals found in cleaning solutions can cause a great deal of issue with breathing, and could trigger allergic reactions.
With the rise of temperature, and spring in full bloom, expect to clean a bit more often, and perhaps utilize filters throughout heavy trafficked areas to ensure that you are getting rid of allergens throughout your home.

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Tips For Having Fun While Cleaning

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No one looks forward to having to clean their home. Many feel that it’s a tiring process, and others just try to avoid it all costs. If you don’t want to feel like you’re doing some chore, and instead want to fight your way through the motions of cleaning, then you’re not alone. The following tips are going to help you have a little fun, and get through all of your chores while enjoying the time spent doing them. It may seem crazy, but it’s absolutely simple to progress with if you try a few things.

Make It A Party

This may sound odd, but you’ll find that it can be quite fun. Think of your cleaning adventure like a themed party. Get a costume, and pretend that you’re in a different time and place, and get the whole family involved. Together, you can have a ball cleaning up, as though it were Halloween, only your cleaning in costume and having a few laughs as you go through the motions.

Race Towards The End

Separate the chores that you have to do amidst family members, and set up a prize for whomever cleans up first. You’ll be surprised how motivated family can become when there’s a prize to be won. Racing towards the finish line can help everyone get involved with cleaning, and it is absolutely fun. Join in with them and have separate prizes to mix things up. This simple incentive is well worth exploring.

Make It A Game

One of the easiest games to play while you’re cleaning is basketball. Encourage people to toss trash away into baskets, and slam things in place. Set these up around the house and watch your home become a makeshift court, while everything is getting cleaned up with ease.

Use Your Feet

When looking to clean up floors, utilize your feet. Look into mopping floors by attaching sponges or towels to your feet and pretend to skate through. Be careful with this, as it can get slippery, but once you get this down, you can slide around and clean up with a lot of fun at the helm of your task.

Sing, Dance, Be Merry

Put on some music, and sing along. Use anything that you’re cleaning with as a microphone. Take a few moments to dance, shake, and sing along to tunes that you enjoy. Get the family involved and just have a ball while you’re dusting, mopping, and more.
The best way to have fun with cleaning is to make a concerted effort to do things with joy. Find new ways to do things, and test out the above, because chores and cleaning don’t have to be boring.

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Clean Grout In Bathroom The Green Way

Cleaning grout in the bathroom or just about any tiled area can be somewhat difficult. The difficulty rises when you have to deal with mold, and other elements that can only be cleared with harsh chemicals. Instead of working with hard chemicals and deal with the fumes, you can go green. Going green gets some negative attention from pundits that claim the methods won’t work like they should. The truth of the matter, however, is that there are some options that can help with cleaning in a simple manner, with the same power of hard chemicals. The following will help you clean grout while going green, without harsh chemicals, guaranteed.

Mix Things Up

You’ll need to mix things up first. Get baking soda, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, a spray bottle, and a toothbrush or scrub brush of any kind. These are the tools that you are going to need to get things mixed up and cleared out.

Spray Grout First

Mix a solution of vinegar and water in a ratio of 1 to 1. This is going to be the big element that you’re working with. Once you have this set, you’ll want to spray your grout with this. This solution is going to hit the dirt and grime and start to reverse the effects. This is a preliminary element, so don’t wipe it off right away, let it settle. Spray liberally throughout, and don’t touch it. Give it about 10 minutes’ tops.

Brushing Grout

After you’ve sprayed, wipe things off and move to this step. Mix baking soda and water to form a paste. This is going to be your foundation for scrubbing the dirt away. The preliminary elements are going to break apart the particles, and this is going to help with getting rid of soap scum and mold with ease. Get your paste, and then use a brush to get into the grout and the areas you want to clean after you’ve sprayed and wiped away the vinegar and water mixture.
If this doesn’t work, or you’re having a hard time getting through a tough stain, then it’s time to step up to hydrogen peroxide. Add this to your paste, and then scrub a bit more. You’ll find that this is going to pay off dividends as it will clean up the hard spots and grout with ease.

Keep At It

The key to ensuring that this all works is simple, keep at it. Don’t let up. If you’re serious about your bathroom getting cleared and cleaned, then use the above elements to get things cleared. However, don’t let too much time go by between cleaning.

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Odd Jobs You Can Hire A Professional To Do For You

declutter your homeTime is one of the biggest issues that you’re going to run into. No matter how you look into it, you’re going to have to deal with a variety of issues related to this. Everyone is given only 24 hours a day to work with. Within those 24 hours, you may find that you will not have enough momentum to get everything done. With that in mind, you may want to hire a professional to help you. The following things can help you gain the upper hand in what you’re doing. The following can free up time, and still maintain a sense of professionalism.

Do Your Shopping

Did you know that personal shoppers are gaining momentum? Instead of having to go to the grocery store and spending hours on end, you can now get someone to do this for you. Weekly grocery runs can be done efficiently, and without too high of a price tag to boot. If you’re skeptical, time your next visit to a grocery store. Take your time to understand how long things are taking, and then see if it’s worthwhile. You’ll find that this is a solution that is best done by someone else, to give you time to do just about anything else.

Cooking For A Large Gathering

Family reunions, or even a super bowl party can put a lot of stress on you. But did you know that you can get a professional chef to help you with this? If you invite a lot of people, and they show up, you don’t have to run to the store and try to get more and more supplies. You can get a chef to help you or at least a catering company to assist. You’ll be surprised by how affordable this is.

Picking Up Clothing (Dry cleaning and more)

There’s nothing worse for your wardrobe than to leave it at a dry cleaners for a long time. Picking up your clean clothing can be a bit irksome if you just don’t have time in your day. Having someone pick it up can save you a great deal of time.

Organize Your Home

The next option that you can hire someone to help with is that of organization. You can have someone organize your closet, your garage, or just about any area in your home that is in disorder. Cleaning things up here is a great thing, and can help you realize that everything you own has its own place.

Assemble Furnishings

If you’re not a fan of assembling furniture, then farm it out to an expert. You don’t have to put together complex furnishings from Sweden any longer. Hire someone to assemble things and you’ll absolutely love the furniture that you buy.

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Going Toxin Free In Your Home Today

toxin free expertsEveryone at one point or another is going to have to deal with issues in the home. Not just cleaning, and regular mundane problems, but allergens, and more. Toxins in the home can cause a great deal of issues. You will find that breathing can be labored, rashes can form, and a lot more could end up manifesting as a result of issues that you may not even know are in place.
You may find that there is toxicity in the water that you’re using, as well as furnishings, carpeting, floors, and more. Everything in your home could have a potential issue, and you may not even know it. There’s no need to panic, however, as there are a few things that you can do to eliminate toxicity in your home today.

Fresh Air Can Help

There are a lot of ways that you can introduce fresh air in your home. You can open up windows and let out stale air, and other compounds that can come through. But aside from this, you can use all your exhaust fans overall. Circulation is key to getting fresh air, so you’ll want to use all the vents you have. In addition to these things, you may want to look into a good filter to pull allergens from the air and help you get fresh air overall.

Change Your Cleaning Elements

When you clean, make sure that use products that are free of dyes, fragrances, and irritants that are found within the chemical compounds you use to clean. There are a lot of natural products on the market today, including fragrance free solutions, and 100% naturally derived products. Changing your cleaning elements can help you go toxin free fast.

Look For Low or No-VOC Paints

The latest types of paints reduce or eliminate VOC elements in paints. These are materials that can cause a great deal of issues with breathing and more. Paint can give off fumes that you can cause serious issues with breathing, which is why there’s a new change in the industry. Look for options that are free of VOC’s or at least greatly reduced for safety.

Use Alternative Detergents For Clothing

Another way that you can rid toxicity in your home is to clean your clothing differently. Instead of using harsh detergents, look for options that are allergen free and made for sensitive skin. Your clothing can cause serious issues to sensitive skin and more. By switching your detergent, you can greatly reduce this overall.
The above are just a few points to consider when trying to get rid of toxicity in your home. These points of interest will get you started, and could lead to other decisions to reduce and remove toxins once and for all.

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