Pressure Washing Tips You Should Utilize

Pressure Washing Wooden DeckMany people assume that you just pick a pressure wash to work with and get to the job. That’s not really how it works, and if you’ve ever tried that route, you know that there’s a little bit of finesse that goes into clearing things out or even cleaning with a mobile power washer. If you’re going to get any job done right, you’ll need to consider a few techniques that will no doubt help you gain the upper hand when using a pressure washer for your next job.

Presoak Every Time

Before you get to the powerful blasts, use the fog option to spread detergent or preliminary elements across the elements you’re trying to clean. Done right, you’ll be able to get a little more traction with the cleaning that you want to do. Pre-soaking can also save you a bit of time if you have deep cleaning to get done.

Don’t Use Cold Water

It’s tempting to just use cold water at a high PSI, but that’s not going to get the job done. You want to use warm to hot water whenever possible, including the times you’re going to use a detergent. This is going to help break up dirt and grime, as well as distribute the detergent across the areas that need it most.

Rinse Thoroughly

When you’re using detergents of any type, make sure that you rinse everything thoroughly. The last thing you want is for the chemical elements to dry on the surface. Make sure that you spend extra time rinsing if need be, and double check just in case there is any residue left. Remember, residue that is left over is going to cause problems for the surface that you’re trying to clean, as it will dry into place, and leave spots, and more.

Choose Your Nozzle Wisely

If possible, even when renting, make sure that you choose the nozzle of your pressure washer very carefully. You want to make sure that you have the right nozzle for the job that you’re doing. This will help you get the right degree field of range, and will allow for a better workflow with the PSI you need to clean. There are several different types of nozzle sizes, and can help with spreading the flow across different areas, including hard to reach areas.
Working with pressure washing requires you to work with a variety of different elements. That includes detergents, sand blasting elements, and much more. In order to get the job done right, explore more than just water, and you’ll find that you can move forward with a variety of different components to get the job done right.


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