Pressure Cleaning For Restaurants and Beyond

Restaurant owners have to be wary about the cleanliness of their facilities. Without having a good clean cooking zone, things can become very difficult to manage. Furthermore, if found unclean, the city can shut down even the most well-meaning of restaurants. There are a lot of areas to be cleaned in a kitchen, and while doing regular maintenance and daily mopping is good, there comes a time when that’s not enough. That’s where pressure washing is going to come into play. Without pressure washing, you’re not going to be able to make many moves forward, in fact, you could end up dealing with a variety of issues overall.

Hoods and Filters

The ducts in and around kitchen areas are very important. They take away smoke, dust, and much more. However, if left without heavy cleaning from time to time, they can catch fire. A fire here can cause a world of problems for restaurant owners and could very well cause financial stress where there need not be. Pressure washing can help these areas without having to utilize heavy cleansers or chemicals if need be. High pressure, hot water can suffice here, as it can clean, clear, and disinfect.


There’s nothing worse than a greasy kitchen floor. Left uncleaned, slipping and sliding can cause injuries and more. Cleaning flooring areas can be difficult, but it’s a serious area that needs attention. High pressure water with detergents can clear oil, grease, dirt, and things the average vacuum cleaner and mopping regimen can’t work with. Done right, you can ensure the safety of your employees, while keeping food particles and other things that attract rodents at bay.

Dumpster Areas

Dumpsters can become seriously problematic. They can attract vermin, they can smell, and they can bring about mold and more. Dumpsters require a bit of work to clean, and disinfect overall. Not only that, you’ll need to look into the pad that a dumpster is on to ensure that it’s clear, clean, and without issue. Pressure cleaning can be the key here. With a high PSI rate, dumpsters can get cleared of caked on, layered on trash, debris, and even gum. This should be done often, so that the dumpster areas don’t invite critters, and disease.

Outdoor Areas (Exterior and Seating)

High pressure washers are great for clearing out concrete and cleaning seating areas. If you have a patio or any sort of seating area outside of the restaurant, high pressured water with some detergent can clear off food particles and more. This goes the same for exterior areas that can get graffiti, or be hit by mother nature’s fury.
At the end of the day, cleaning all of these areas by hand can be tough. Minor maintenance daily is good, but from time to time, you’ll need to get pressure washing to help with the difficult areas to maintain.

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