Choosing A Pressure Washer For Cars and Small Vehicle

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One of the best ways that you can clean your car, or even a smaller vehicle (like a golf cart), is to invest in a pressure washer. These are options that get used for larger jobs, but there are some that don’t come out with so much pressure. For instance, you’ll find that pressure washers are used for commercial properties to clean stucco, graffiti, concrete, and other hard surfaces. That’s because high pressure water and sometimes detergents are sent out in heavy streams and clear off debris, dirt, and more with relative ease.

What To Expect From A Washer

If you’re looking to purchase a pressure washer, or just aren’t sure what to expect, you will need to know a few basics. The first thing is that there’s several options to consider. There’s high pressure solutions, and there’s mid-level and low pressure options.

Depending on the job, you’ll find that the varying pressure will either help or hurt what you’re doing. In the case of washing cars and smaller vehicle solutions, you’ll want something that is lower pressure or adjustable at best. You want to be able to get a good spray, but without hurting the paint or overall build of what you’re cleaning.

Choosing The Right Option

As you start to narrow down the solution you want to pick up, look to find an option that has a variable pressure changer. Furthermore, look at a solution that has a good powered motor. A starting solution can be a 2 HP motor that can send out water at 1500 PSI. That’s just a starting point. There are some options that can triple or even quadruple the PSI, but you may not need that for a golf cart or vehicle in general.

Bells and Whistles

With any cleaning solution you investigate, you’re bound to see some with added bells and whistles. Finding the right option here can be tough. If you’re comfortable with pressure washers, and have used them in the past, then you can invest in solutions that have dual spring cushioning, shock absorption, chemical injections, control, adjustable pressures, water heating, and more. However, if you’re just starting out, go with a simple option. An entry level pressure washer can suffice to get you started with cleaning.
At the end of the day, washing with a pressure washer isn’t tough. It takes a little finesse once you get started, but overall, it’s not a difficult task if you have the right tools in place. Invest a little time to break down what your needs are, and you’ll find a good solution for you, no doubt.

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