Cleaning Up The Dirtiest Areas In Your Home

Residential house two car garage interiorWhen it comes to cleaning, you may be covering the bases overall. There’s a lot of different areas that you are going to clean outright. But are you getting the dirtiest areas in your home? You may think that you are, but if you look at the following list, you may realize that there’s a lot more to consider overall. The following is just a rundown of some of the dirtiest areas of their home.

Where Your Hands Go Daily

The first thing that you are going to look into is everything your hand touches daily. You may not even think about this, but it’s the dirtiest thing in the world, doorknobs and handles. These are areas that aren’t always cleaned, because no one really thinks about them. If you consider this, you will realize that you open your door daily, touch cabinets, and handrails. The majority of germs that cause illnesses today, are picked up by simply touching doorknobs and entering, or existing a home. To clean these areas, you just need to wipe down any surfaces that you touch on a daily basis.

Entryways With Rugs

Do you have an entryway where you quickly clean your feet? Or do you have an area rug down when you walk into your house? You’ll find that this is an area where you can track in a lot of dirt and not even think about it. As you walk through the home, you may adopt a “no shoe” option, but that’s not going to be enough to keep things clean. You’ll want to vacuum, and even wash your rugs to ensure that you’re not tracking in debris, or dust from the outside.

The Freezer

You may clear out your refrigerator from time to time, but what about the freezer? Your freezer could very well be tracking a lot of different spills, and freezing bad things. You could even start to build up crust and ice, causing problems down the line. You may think that things are fine, but just a little spilled dairy form ice cream in the freezer can cause serious health problems down the line. Cleaning should be done on a regular basis, not just the fridge.

Silverware Holders/Trays

The next area that you may neglect is that of your silverware tray. If you are putting your dishes away and your silverware in a tray in a drawer, or anywhere in your kitchen, clean these areas. You want to clean and disinfect because you never know what germs can end up on your dishes, and that could cause you to get really sick. You can clean with vinegar and water, or another option, but make sure that you disinfect.
These are just starting points to cleaning, there’s a lot more to explore, but this will get you started in some of the dirtiest places you have in your home.

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