Major Reasons You Should Re-Key Your Locks From Time To Time

Locksmith expertsYour home is not just where you live. It’s where all your stuff is, and it’s where memories are built. At first glance, this is an easy definition to work with, but in reality, a home is so much more. It’s for that reason why you should never take security for granted. Keeping your house locked up, and free of nefarious characters is a good thing. You may have security on your mind, and use simple locks and elements that others use all the time. But what happens when locks aren’t enough? Locks can be picked, old keys can be brought back, and you could end up with a break in if you’re not careful. It’s for that reason why you may want to look into rekeying your old locks to give yourself peace of mind, and additional protection overall.

Locking Out Old Tenants

When you purchase a home or even move into a new apartment, you’re going to find that your keys are not new. You may have “new” keys in the traditional sense, but unless the locks have been changed out completely, old tenants may have access to your home. You never know who may have lived in your house before you get there. You may not know what the previous tenants were thinking, or if they are going to come back and try to use their old keys to get into your house. Whatever the case may be, you’ll find yourself in a big of trouble if you don’t address this situation as you move in. Changing locks, and getting brand new keys is a security measure that is cost effective, and will pay off in more than just peace of mind.

What If You Lose Your Keys?

If you’ve ever lost your keys, you may be subject to a home invasion. This all depends on where you lost your keys, and whether or not a nefarious character picks them up and realizes what they have in their hands. To ensure peace of mind, make sure that you change your locks, and don’t take any chances.

Older Locks Need Changing

The biggest reason you may want to change your keys is because your locks are getting old. If your apartment or home are older, it’s time to look into changing things up alongside your security. Security measures that are older, including locks, can break down and be opened easily. The last thing you want is for someone to just jam your lock and get access to your home. That’s why older locks should get changed out, and new keys be made from time to time.

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