Cleaning Hacks You Should Definitely Try Out

spring cleaning

Cleaning may seem simple enough for you to get through, but even with your best methods, you may be able to do things faster. Life hacks are all the rage, and you may find that some of them will help you get things done faster, and easier. Cleaning hacks exist to help you get more done in a shorter span of time, with options that are going to pay off immediately. Whether you’re a working parent, busy student, or just aren’t a fan of cleaning, consider a few cleaning hacks that can help you save time, keep things neat, and clean, without having to spend a lot of time.

The Mighty Lint Roller

Lint rollers are interesting in that you can clean up clothing fast. Cleaning clothing is great, as it can remove dust, pet hair, and more. However, did you know that you can clean a lot more? For instance, if you have lamps, use your roller on lampshades and you’ll find that it can pick up lint, dust, and more. You could also use this on fabric couches, and in some cases, clean up some dust and dander off of your table cloth.

Cleaning Toys

For parents that want to clean plastic toys, one option that you may be surprised about is that of dishwashing. You don’t have to work hard to clean up plastic toys, you can put them in your dishwasher and have them completely clean, disinfected, and dry within one cycle. This is definitely going to save you time, and effort for sure. Kids can be tough on toys, and they can get dirty fast, so this option is going to keep them clean over time.
Newspapers Still Work For Windows

In a hurry? Want to make sure that your windows are clean and clear? Use newspaper when in doubt and you’ll be able to get a clear, clean, streak free window or any glass surfaces. Instead of throwing out your newspapers, use them to help you get glass all the more cleaner.

Dusting Corners and Hard To Reach Areas

Dusting in a corner and hard to reach areas can be a bit irksome. If you’re going to get things 100% dusted, you’ll want to go with a paintbrush. That’s right, use paintbrushes that are clean, never used, to dust the corners of your home, as well as any areas that is hard to get to. While you’re doing that, use school erasers to clean scuffs around floorboards, and corners.

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