Window Treatment Tips and Tricks To Consider

Windows are great. They let light in, they can bring about design aesthetic, and so much more. Beyond the glass, however, you will no doubt want to cover them up from time to time. You can do this with blinds, drapes, and other options. Whatever window treatment you want to utilize, you’ll find that there are a lot of solutions that you can work with, making this a bit difficult to finalize. If you’re not sure what to put in place, consider a few tips that will help you gain a nice balance of design and function.



The most popular solution that you are going to find is that of drapery. This is a solution that is easy to work with, and helps with both function and design flow. Drapes are hard to clean sometimes, and they could also hold smells, and much more. If you have pets, they can tear them up as well, making this a tough sell for certain instances.

Sheer Linen

Another option to consider is that of linens. Sheer linens can make your room have a great deal of light, filtering in some of the elements, and give you a little privacy. If you want more privacy, you will not want to go with sheer options, as that can still let people look in through your windows. However, you could have a second set of linens to cover the sheer options, and enclose the lighting element, which is an option to consider.


Blinds can work to help with form and function. You may think of them as simple, but there’s a lot to them. You could have them vertical, horizontal, made of plastic, wood, or composite materials. They can be put on a track, or they can be sturdy and in place. Blinds are a solution that can be explored for design and function all the same.


Shades can work on both a visual design element, and functional element. Shades can be drawn through a string, a rod, or even be attached to a remote control so that you decide when you want privacy for your windows. Shades can be made of sheer materials, or harder surfaces that can black out a room with ease, it’s up to you. There are roughly 3 major types of shades including, roman, cellular, and roller options.
At the end of the day, you have a lot of options to explore. Don’t assume that you are stuck with just one option over another. Whether you want curtains, blinds, shades, or something unique for your home, there’s a lot of elements to explore when it comes to window treatments. Take your time, explore, and see what works best for your needs.



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