Secret House Cleaning Tips From The Professionals

green cleaning expertsWhen it comes to cleaning up your home, you should take hints from professionals. There’s a lot of professional secrets that they don’t want you to know. Once you know how to clear and clean things up, you’ll no doubt enjoy a much cleaner home, and much faster process. The following tips and tricks are lifted directly from the professionals that many pay to clean their home.

Getting Rid of Soap Scum

The first major tip is simple, scrape off soap scum using a putty knife. Simple, right? Well, once you do this, you’ll want to switch up what you’re using to clean. Use gel based soaps, for instance, and you will not have to fight soap scum nearly as much. It’s not best to use bar soaps, as they can leave residue and a lot of issues in the bathroom.

Dust Faster

If you’re not keen on dusting, you could always save a little time with a simple tool. The simplest of tools for dusting works just like they did in the past, and it’s a feather duster. Feather dusters can help you get a room clean fast, and can definitely give you a helping hand in eradicating dust from all over the home.

Clean Stainless Steel With Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is one of the best things that you can use to clean up stainless steel. This will help you not only keep that metal surface shiny, it will help prevent elements from sticking on it. This includes fingerprints, and other issues that could definitely cause problems. Mineral oil is known for repelling liquids, and allowing greater resistance from staining.

Orange Peels and Ice For Disposals

Your disposal can smell a great deal. To ensure that it doesn’t smell too bad, consider using orange peels down your disposal. Put some orange peels in there, then add some ice cubes and run it. Then cover up the disposal, fill the sink with water, and then drain it. You’ll find that this process is not only going to flush debris and other elements, but it will also give you a nice citrus scent.

Cleaning Windows Without Streaks

Streaks on windows can be quite annoying. You could easily ensure that you’re cleaning without them by using a newspaper for smaller windows. If you have larger solutions, you can purchase a good squeegee and ensure that the water and dust build up gets removed with relative ease.
One last trick you may want to use is another simple one, plugging in your vacuum in an open area. That allows you to vacuum more surface area, and reduce the amount of times you stop to find another outlet for your vacuum as you go along room to room.

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