Different Types of Security Doors to Consider

Locksmith expertsThe number one line of defense that you have in your home sits open to everyone. That would be your front door. While you can have it locked, you will find that people see it from the streets as they pass by. Criminals can look at it and try to circumvent the security it has, and it could cause anxiety for many. If you aren’t keen on just having a regular door protecting you, then you may want to look at the different types of security doors available. Securing your home and protecting your belongings, and family is paramount, which is why the following options may be worth exploring.

Exterior Options

The first solution that you will want to consider is in regards to exterior doors. These can help you create a first line of defense away from your front door. Having an exterior door that leads to your front entrance is a great way to ensure that people stay out, and you get an added level of security before going into your home. Obviously, this only works best for stand-alone homes, and duplexes with a short walk up, but still, it can help tremendously in terms of security.

Interior doors

The next option to consider is a secondary interior door. This can be added to an existing entrance, and could very well protect apartments as well as homes. If you have a small foyer or secondary frame, you could easily add a second set of doors so that it is a lot harder for nefarious individuals to come through.

Safe Doors

Another option to consider is that of safes. Safes can be embedded into a wall, or set up with a door frame that allows you to have a hidden section in your home. You’ll find that having a door that opens like a safe could very well keep you safe and sound amidst your home’s entrance, or interiors. This is a different type of solution altogether, and often, is not found in the front entrance of a home, but rather somewhere in the interior.

Design and Function

There are several functional design choices that you can consider when looking at safety and door types. You could have double doors, double frames, glass options, steel framing, and much more. In addition to the framing, you could add several locks to ensure that it is a lot harder to break in. Locks, keyless entry, fingerprint, and much more can be added to any door for peace of mind and security for sure.

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