Dealing With Hard Water Deposits

Soap Scum and Hard WaterMillions of people are dealing with hard water. This occurs when the water supply has a great deal of mineral contents. When there’s a lot of minerals in water, you’ll find that it can leave deposits along windows, sinks, and other areas. Clearing up hard water can be a difficult task if you’re not sure what to do, as soap and water is not going to do the trick. There are a few things that you can do to ensure that things get cleared up nicely, especially along glass surfaces.

The Stages of Hard Water

When it comes to hard water build up, there are 3 major stages that you need to concern yourself with. These stages are going to determine what you need to do to clean things out. In the initial stages, you’ll find that you can scrub hard water deposits with relative ease. You can use a simple cleaner to literally scrub off the deposits and clean spots. This is usually for those that are actively cleaning their windows and surfaces often.
The secondary stage is a bit harder to deal with. This will usually have a hard water build up that is a bit easier to see, but more difficult to manage. You’ll find that you can remove this with intense scrubbing and a window scraper. You’ll need to use an acid base glass cleaner to ensure that the minerals are cleaned and clear from the window. You’ll have to scrape along the glass carefully, pulling up the elements properly.

The Most Difficult Stage

The third major stage is where things are going to get very difficult to manage. The problem here is that you’ll see a major scale build up across the glass. In this case, you will need more than just a window scraper and cleaner. You’ll also need a buffer, and a kit that is meant to help you remove hard water. This is something that is definitely difficult to deal with, and often times requires a professional to remove them. You can apply glass sealer after cleaning to help with avoiding water spots, but an ounce of prevention can help.

Prevention and Water Softeners

If you’re concerned with hard water, you can use an ounce of prevention to ensure that you are not dealing with deposits on a regular basis. You can clean windows on a regular basis, and even hire a professional to clean them from time to time.
Another method that you may want to consider is buying a water softening system. This will help soften the water and ensure that you do not have to deal with the buildup of minerals that can cake glass and other surfaces outright.

Hard Water and Calcium Removal


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