The Basics of Cleaning Showers

Shower Cabin at the BathroomPeople don’t always think about cleaning the shower. They just go about their days, showering, and going through the motions, without thinking of the issues that could pile up. Over time, soap scum, mold, and much more can manifest in and around the tub, tile, and more. If you want to make sure that your shower is clean, consider the following basic tips that will help you out. A hygienic shower is always grand, so here are some tips that can make it happen with relative ease.
Before you get started, make sure that you look into a vinegar mix. Mix vinegar and water, and use that as a “green” cleaner. Use this on various areas, but do not use it on stone surfaces as that will not help. A vinegar and water mixture can be a great cleanser, using three quarters of a cup of vinegar, and a quarter cup of water will help with the cleaning process.

The Shower Doors

The doors of a shower can take on a lot of issues, including stains that come from water. Hard water is something that can cause stains to build up throughout the surface of the glass. To clean this, you’ll want to use the mixture mentioned above. Use a spray bottle to pray the glass and then clean the glass with a microfiber cloth. You’ll find that this mixture will help with stains, without streaking too much.

For The Showerhead

The showerhead can pose issues, especially if you do in fact have hard water. TO clean this, you’ll want to utilize vinegar and water in a 1:1 ratio, and then immerse the showerhead into the mix. You can do this with a bag, or you can hold a bowl up to it or remove the showerhead completely. If things are really bad, you will want this to soak for at least a 12-hour period of time. You want the vinegar and water to clear up the deposits, so that water goes through fast.

Unclogging Drains With Ease

Showering will eventually cause your drain to back up. It’s a good idea to get a hair catcher, so that you can clear things out with ease. Prevention is easier to work with than clearing a drain, which is why a good hair catcher is a good idea. You can utilize baking soda and hot water to clear up drains from time to time, but you may need to call in a professional if things don’t clear up.
At the end of the day, you’ll find that vinegar and water works very well for cleaning up showers. You can sometimes use hydrogen peroxide, but do not mix it with vinegar. Take time to clean up every few showers, and you won’t have to deal with extreme cleaning times.

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