Choosing Greener Fabrics For Your Home

draperies-12People don’t often think about window treatments with green materials. They just assume that fabrics are made of textiles that are naturally composed. That’s not always the case, however. Drapes, window coverings, and curtains are made of a lot of synthetic materials. Many options are made of petroleum, nylon, polyester and other elements. Non-renewable materials are absolutely not green, and can be toxic to the earth. If you want to go green, and you want to ensure that you’re chasing eco-friendly textiles, consider a few alternatives that can give your home an incredible look and feel overall.

Alternative Textiles

First and foremost, you’re going to need a list of options that are going to showcase what options are in fact green. Some are simple to consider, focusing on organic cotton and silk. Others can be as simple as recycled materials like polyester that has been certified recycled. Hemp, and linen can all be organic as well, assuming that you are finding a good resource.
Here’s the problem, you may not immediately see these things at your normal big box retailers. You can purchase things online, and you can make customized solutions if you’re good at sewing. If you’re not familiar with sewing, or just don’t want to build customized solutions, you will need to go another route. There are several retailers that you can consider in this regards, including the following online.

A Simple List of Online Alternative Fabric Retailers
One of the common retailers that you’ll want to explore is that of This is a website that sells 100% hemp, cotton, muslin, silk, and bamboo linens. These are upholstery level elements that you can use to make a great number of window coverings. You can also have custom manufacturing done, as well as other options.
The next solution that you will want to explore is that of This is a company that sells fabrics, furniture, and even mattresses that are 100% organic. They are made of organic cotton, and sustainable solutions. You can ask for customized solutions to help you get quality solutions. Choosing to go green is a lot easier than you may have previously thought.
Another organic retailer is that of This is a company that has custom organic textiles, including cotton. From bath towels to window treatments, to much more. The company focuses on a variety of luxury items, and even allow custom solutions for those that need different eco fabric types.
There are other retailers as well, including Gr

een Sage, Village Workroom, and Rawganique. Finding green fabrics, linens, and window treatments is made simple when you know where to look, and the above are just a few options to consider today.

San Diego Drapery Fabrics


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