How Vinegar Can Be Used In Your Home Today

vinegarVinegar is one of the most interesting liquids in the world. When you have this in your home, you’ll have so many uses you will no doubt be surprised. You can use this for cleaning, eating, and so much more. If you’re curious as to what you can use this for in your home, consider the following breakdown of options that will no doubt change how you see these things overall.

For the Bathroom

First and foremost, you’re going to find that vinegar can help break through a lot of the dirt and grime that hit your bathroom. This includes toilet bowls, which can be tough to clean. Vinegar and denture cleaner mixed together will take the plaque and dirt that grips the porcelain of your toilets with relative ease. Use water and vinegar with just a little dish soap in a spray bottle, and you’ll be able to clean your bathroom tiles with relative ease. The vinegar reacts to elements that stick to your walls and grout and allows for an easier time cleaning.

Cleaning Up The Kitchen

Kitchen cleaning can become incredible. You’re going to find that vinegar and water again can help with cleaning when mixed with just a little dish liquid. You can clean pots and pans and get stuck on food fast. You can also clean all your dishes, and even the racks within your oven. Run a cycle of water and vinegar in your coffee maker and you’ll no doubt find something grand. This will remove all the build up inside your coffee maker, and clear the carafe it goes into as well. Do this at least twice, and let the mix sit for at least 30 minutes to see maximum results.

For Windows

If you’re looking for an easy window and glass cleaner, then mix together rubbing alcohol, water, and vinegar and you’re going to find an incredible cleanser for your glass areas. This will leave streak free shine, and simple clarity when trying to wash the windows.

Cleaning Up After Pets

If you have pets, you will no doubt have to deal with accidents at one point. Accidents can leave a smell, and stains. Well, vinegar once again can help you out. You’ll want to spray stains with vinegar, and let them settle in, then use baking soda on top. Once you have that done, allow it to dry completely then run a vacuum through it. You’ll find that you’ll clean this stain and smell with relative ease, neutralizing pet issues outright.

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