A Few Famous Housekeepers From Television – Learning A Thing or Two

different-strokesTelevision is full of interesting characters. Over the years many of these characters were in fact cleaning, dusting, and taking care of households. Housekeepers have made their way through the lexicon of television for decades, and you may not think about them much today. Well, the following are just a few of the famous people that you can gain a little bit of tips and tricks in regards to cleaning overall. The following shines light on a few light lessons to consider.

Mrs. Garrett From The Show “Diff’rent Strokes

Going back to the home where Arnold and Willis were adopted, you’ll find that Mrs. Garrett took care of the household chores. She also became one of the main characters to help the youngsters get along with their life. Mr. Drummond’s home needed help, and Edna came in just in time to make things a bit easier to manage. Mrs. Garrett taught the young kids a few lessons here and there, including how to have empathy, and how to be good to others. You may also recall this character from“Facts of Life”, in which she gave more wisdom away while taking care of a home.

Butler Geoffrey From The Show “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

When a young kid from West Philadelphia is sent to live with his rich uncle and aunt in Bel-Air, hilarity ensues in this show. Amidst the culture clash, there is Geoffrey, the butler. The butler for the Banks family is often seen as a comedic balancing act for Philip Banks and the kids in the family. Aside from taking care of the household, he is also one that is confident, and proves that you can make it anywhere in life. The backstory of this butler isn’t deep in the story arcs of the show, but it is revealed that he was once an athlete, before becoming a butler.

Mr. Belvedere From The Show “Mr. Belvedere

One of the hit shows from the past featured a housekeeper named Mr. Belvedere. An upper class attitude and experience history clashes with a family in the middle-class. The Owens family learns to love Mr. Belvedere and his somewhat aristocratic lessons, even if there is friction here and there. As the show progressed he imparts wisdom, and a good laugh through sharing from his experience and helping the house stay in order. He shows us all a bit about how to take things in stride, and excel in new environments, even if they differ from our past. Learning with the family, he doesn’t just teach, he grows as a character as well.
The above is just a few of the characters that played housekeepers through the television screen. They can teach everyone a few things about life, even if they are played up for comedy sometimes.

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