How Much Should You Be Cleaning Your Windows?

water fed pole system to clean windowsWindows require cleaning. That’s a given. But how often should they be cleaned? Professionals and novices alike ask this question at one point or another, especially when their home has a lot of glass throughout. If you have a lot of windows and aren’t sure how often you should be cleaning, there are a few notes that you should consider about the subject. There a several elements that you’ll have to consider, as there is no “one” answer that fits all the needs of individuals.

Putting It Off

The reason why people sometimes think about this question, is because they put things off. When’s the last time you washed your windows? Chances are you haven’t in a while. By the time you do get to this task, you may find that things can be very dirty, and the process becomes a bit of work overall. Even professionals understand this, which is why they don’t have a set answer. The reasons why you should be cleaning more often include heating and cooling, look and feel, and sustaining the life of your windows over time.

Commercial Options

When it comes to commercial windows, professionals usually only work with this option twice a year at the very least. That’s right, twice a year a few years, simply because the panes are a bit thicker and usually don’t need that much work. Now, this is not a hard and fast rule for residential options, mind you, it’s just an average that is given to commercial solutions overall.
Now, there are some that clean up every 2 or 3 months, but that’s usually only in high wind, and freezing areas. Other than that, twice a year works out well for those that are working with commercial properties.

Residential Options

Residential cleaning takes on a different world. Many recommendations suggest that residential windows be cleaned at least 3 times a year. That all depends on the weather, and overall environment. Residential properties usually take a beating from the weather, and need a bit more work, but no more than 6 times a year. Of course, there are some that want to do it more often, but that’s not recommended as it could cause the panes to deteriorate.

What The Professionals Say

When discussing cleaning windows with professionals, you’re going to find that there is a schedule given to most options. For instance, they recommend residential and commercial properties only get washed 2 times a year.
However, restaurants, high traffic areas, and storefronts and shops should get cleaned every 2 weeks, due in large part to the traffic and exposure to the elements, hand prints, and more. In the end, 2 times a year works ok, unless you own a shop, in which case you’ll need to focus on this more often.

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