Creative Window Treatment Options To Explore

window expertsWhen considering window coverings many people think that it’s a bit boring. This is especially true when you consider apartments, where blinds are absolutely simple. You don’t have to go with simple, and boring, if you’d like. There are custom solutions that you can explore, and have something grand to unite your overall interiors. If you’re interested in some interesting creative solutions, the following will help you get moving forward a bit. Remember, customizing your home is not that difficult, if you have a little bit of inspiration, so consider exploring many solutions overall.

Beads For Curtains

Here’s an option that will split the light a bit, and give you an ethereal display, and it’s found with beads. You can utilize any number of bead curtains, and add a little bit of flair if you’d like. There’s a lot of beauty found with beads, especially when the sunlight refracts from the bead elements. The sky is truly the limit in regards to the color, style, and design that you want to utilize here. You can either make these options yourself or you could buy existing solutions and spread them out across your windows.

Use Natural Branches To Hold Curtains

You don’t need a traditional curtain rod. You don’t need to have a bar outstretched that no one sees. Instead, look into finding large branches from a tree, and use that as connection points for your curtain rod. You will need to modify the branch a bit, and perhaps spray paint it a bit. Once you have the right branch, mount it up and drape curtains over it, creating a compelling visual design frame to move forward with.

Flags and Pennants For A Valance

For large window frames, you could easily move forward with a bit unorthodox style by using a customized valance. Valances stretch across window frames, and can cut the visual display of your framing. To upgrade this option, consider putting pennants across the length of the window and let the tip of the triangle drip down. You’ll find that this creates a “sporty” look, and can break up natural light a bit in any room.

An Interior Awning

Here’s an interesting option that you can work with, and it’s simple, an awning. You could use a wooden awaking above the window frame and it will look like a rustic exterior, only it will be inside. You can paint your awning to match the curtains, or add some flair, contrast, or just about anything with relative ease.
These are just a few options that you can consider today. It will help you gain compelling interior design. Don’t feel like you only have “one” option with blinds and curtains. There’s a lot to explore, especially when you think outside of the proverbial box.

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