Plantation Shutters Explored

Drapery & Shutter ExpertsPlantation shutters are some of the most versatile solutions that you can work with in regards to window treatments. These are far less expensive than some more elaborate options, and they still are an upgrade compared to other solutions. Whether you have a lot of windows, or a few in your home, these can definitely allow you to gain the benefits that come with window treatments outright.

Interior Design Heavy

One of the best things that you will find true about shutters is that they are intriguing in terms of interior design flow. They are made to look appealing throughout kitchen and living rooms. They come in different sizes, but are usually cut to fit your window openings and look as though they are living parts of your openings.
These are different than what you may see in traditional styles. Traditional options tend to be smaller, and somewhat more private in their use. Plantation options give you more control over the light flow, and lend a lot of visual elements to the installation and use.

Style Is Up To You

Perhaps the best thing about plantation shutters today is that you can purchase several different types to fit your needs. You can get options that are large, with a small divider rail, or you could purchase something a bit smaller and more modern in nature to fit your motif. Whatever the case is, you can find designs that fit the overall look and feel of your home, without sacrificing the function of the design. You can use half shutter options, you could use fully realized solutions, or some that are meant to open up on a hinge. That makes visual design of shutters so much more appealing, and not at all isolated to “one” option.

Shopping Around

There are some people that will no doubt want customized options. Custom shutters can be crafted to fit any window type. However, you’ll find that the price tag will rise exponentially based on the style of opening you have. Custom shutters are made to fit exactly in specific spaces. You can buy stock solutions from home improvement stores, but they will need to be cut down to fit, and often times do not have the same visual design layout that you would expect from customized solutions.
At the end of the day, there’s a lot to explore when it comes to window treatments. Whether you want control, or just visual design heavy shutters, plantation solutions are well worth exploring. From single rail, double hung, or bi-fold, the details you want are most likely available.

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