Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets With Relative Ease

cabinet cleaning expertsKitchen cabinets are mass produced in most cases. They are made, finished, and shipped to homes and retailers. This makes it a bit convenient to purchase and install. But that process causes problems with cleaning. You’re going to find that there is an oil build up that will manifest on the handles, and throughout the wooden surfaces. Cleaning your cabinets will take time. They’ll take a little bit of elbow grease, but it’s very important. Otherwise, you’ll have grease and food stains embedded into the finish of the wood over time.

Gather Your Ingredients

Before you start cleaning, you’re going to want to get a few ingredients together. Look for a good heavy-duty cleaner, perhaps something that has alkaline base. You will need oil soap solution, a little dish washing detergent, and of course a microfiber cloth. These are going to help you get things clean and neat overall. Once you have these things, you’re ready to clean up like a pro.

Start Cleaning Surfaces

First and foremost, you are going to need to know what type of cabinets you have. There are hardwood options and there are laminate solutions, with metal, painted options, and more that can come into play. Assuming you’re not cleaning wood, you will want to use your heavy-duty cleaner. This can be in a can of powder, which you mix with water. Mix that together, and then use a microfiber cloth and clean spots slowly.
Use a separate cloth to dry any wetness or residue on the surface of the cabinets. This is going to be simple to work through, as long as you alternate between drying cloth and another cloth for cleaning and scrubbing.

For Wooden Surfaces Specifically

Wooden cabinet cleaning takes a different type of work. You’re going to want to look into using a dish washing soap solution overall. Use an oil soap solution and use a cloth to wipe across the wooden cabinets. Wipe things dry after you use the oil soap. You don’t need to use polish here; you just need to use light passes. Alternate between the oil soap option, and the dish washing detergent element. Then when you’re done polishing a bit, use a second cloth to dry.
It’s important to never utilize acid on cabinets. Acidity will not help you clean. Powdered cleansers should not be used without mixing and diluting. It’s best to stay away from them. You may want to go with an all-purpose option as that can be easy to use in a spray bottle, and pick up spots, and other dirt that could settle on the surface.

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