Notes on Cleaning Privacy Curtains

window covering expertsHospitals have a lot of different pathogens that come through the air, on the floors, and in a variety of different arenas. Cleaning these location is paramount, not just for visual aesthetics, but for the safety of patients. One such area that can be easy to overlook is the privacy curtains that are in medical areas. Dangerous elements can get on them, and without treatment, could cause a string of illnesses to manifest.

Issues With Cleaning

The reason why this is a difficult matter to work with is that they aren’t hard surfaces. Cleaning a hard surface is simple. You can dust, brush, wipe, mop, and disinfect with relative ease. But what about curtains? These become microbial disasters. It’s for that reason that special cleaning options are going to be necessary to move forward in this regards.

More Laundry

One of the best things that can be done is as simple as changing out curtains and using laundry systems to clean as often as possible. Laundering curtains is absolutely crucial to removing viruses, and bacterial infections that could be resting on the fabric themselves. It can eliminate the transfer of these things from the curtain to humans if just cleaned properly.

Steam Powered Cleaners

A simple solution that is gaining a bit of attention is that of steam powered cleaners. There are steam vapor units that you can use to kill a great deal of bacteria on surfaces. This is a high heat steam, and it kills with ease, and leaves no streaks, detergents, or anything along those lines. It’s a very easy to use method, and something that is safe overall.

Ultraviolet Cleaning

When cleaning hospital areas, UV light can be utilized to clear out surfaces that are porous in nature. There are several options that can work in this regards, and exposure to the C band of light could very well kill a lot of bacteria and pathogens that could be on privacy curtains.

Disposable Curtains For Easy Maintenance

Some hospitals have started investing in disposable curtains. Privacy curtains that are “one” use, only can help with absolutely reducing infection risk. When the pathogens on a disposable option get stuck, they can easily be discarded with the replacement of another curtain, simple as that.
As far as chemical solutions are concerned, there’s plenty of sprays that can help with the cleaning of privacy curtains. This of course requires a bit of assistance such as foggers, sprays and more. Either way, it’s imperative that curtains are cleaned often, to avoid infections from spreading.

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