Focusing On Smart Glass Options

Remodeling your home will no doubt come with a lot of different possibilities. As you consider the different things that you are going to be able to update, you will definitely want to look into glass. Glass has come through a lot of changes in recent years, including updated panes, better efficiency, and much more. One of the interesting solutions that you are going to see is simple, smart glass. That’s right, smart glass has come through with some unique elements, and while you may think that this is usually only about technology, it’s actually a bit simpler in some ways.

Introducing Smart Glass

What you’re going to find with smart glass over other options is simple, you get to control how your window panes work. Simply put, you’ll be able to dictate turning tint on or off. That’s right, you will have the control to change the tint of your window. This is done through a photochromic element that goes on the panes. It’s like a dimming switch for your windows. That means that you will let the right amount of light in, and that’s it. Want to dim a room? Flip a switch and your natural lighting will start to drop a bit.

The Chemistry of Smart Glass

This all may seem weird, but it’s actually a matter of science. The way that this works is through the glaze of the panes. Between panes there are particles that get electrically shifted, to allow for darkening a room. A circuit essentially changes things. This is similar technology that you would normally see inside electronics. The same elements you’d find in electronic updates, are found within the chemistry of the glass panes. This includes liquid crystals that help create what seems like an illusion. Electrical current is either supplied or taken away on the electrochromic glass the lighting changes, simple as that.

The Goal of Smart Glass

The big goal here is simple, efficiency. If you can control the light that comes through your windows, heating, cooling, and lighting becomes easier to manage, simple as that. The goal of this is to upgrade windows to the latest technology of efficiency overall. Even though this may require a current, it’s so minute, that you will not see a jump in your electrical bill. Instead, you’re going to be able to close off the heat a bit in the summer, and control the heat when in the winter. Efficiency is the big thing here, and smart glass works very well in that arena.

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