Decorating Your Windows With Films

stain glass window decorationsDecorative glass doesn’t require a great deal of money. Too often, homeowners assume that they need to have specialized colored glass, or elements that are ornamental. Installing stained glass, and other elements can be quite costly. To offset that, you may want to look into films that can help decorate windows and allow for a better overall visual flow. That’s right, you could have a visual flow that emulates things like stained glass, tinting, and more with the use of glass films.

Stained Glass

First and foremost, take a consideration of the cost that is found with a full stained glass mosaic. When you walk into a cathedral, you’ll find that these are astonishing. However, you will find that the costs could be very expensive. Getting this in your home, personalized, and retrofitted with the latest technologies could run you more than $120 a square foot, which is cost prohibited for many. Film can change that, allowing you to control the decorative art element and emulate the stained glass you see in famed churches across the world.

Etched Glass

Etched glass is fascinating. It’s artistic, and it may be far less expensive than the aforementioned. However, you’ll find that the more complex your design becomes, the higher the price point is going to be. It’s easily one of the more complicated options that you’ll find, and when done, you cannot change it. Even though this is a great solution for decoration, and creative spaces, you will find that you may not like the design in the long term. If you end up disliking it on any level, then changing it becomes difficult. Adding the cost that is roughly under $10 a square foot on top of any price you’re paying for glass updates, makes this a cost prohibitive option.

Enter The Film

For those that don’t have the money to work with etched or stained glass, perhaps films can be better. When you use decorative window film on your windows, you can emulate the same look and feel that come with the aforementioned styles. You can turn your homes glass into creative spaces. Not only can these films have decorative purposes, you can ensure that they allow for better overall power efficiency. These can help cool your home in the summer by blocking heat, from the sun. In the winter, they can trap heat in, so that you don’t run the heater so often. Simply put, film is not just about decoration, it’s about efficiency.

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