A Simple Look At The History of Window Glass

glass expertsGlass wasn’t always as ubiquitous as you may see it today. Yes, there’s a lot of elements today that are absolutely grand, but this was not always inexpensive. Having a glass window, for instance, could cost greatly. So much so that it was a high priced commodity in the past centuries. The advancement of glazing and creating panes didn’t even reach commonplace until the Roman empire. It was during Roman’s rule that panes started to become interesting points of interesting. Of course, these glass options weren’t the same as you think of today, they weren’t necessarily transparent.
The panes that you see today, didn’t come around until glass makers started making them in the 3rd century CE. Stained glass become prominent after Rome, and religious buildings used this to create glazing and elements for ornate reasoning across many churches. Focusing on the Middle Ages, you’ll find that the notion of windows wasn’t common, nor prominent, as the term “dark ages” is often given to this time frame after Rome’s fall.

14th Century France

Moving to the 14th century, you will find that French glassblowers came to figure out a way to make a flattened pane. The pane that they created was cylindrical in nature. That cylinder that they crated stacked several options together, making for clear, circular based panes that you could see through. These looked like the bottoms of glass soda bottles when placed together, but it was here that innovation began.

16th Century Commonplace

Moving to the 16th century, glass panes for windows were starting to take off, however, it was only the richest of individuals that still had these. Aristocrats would place these in their homes, and it became something that was “commonplace” for many. Shutters were also utilized in this upgrade, and the window glass that you may know today, started to gain popularity.

Lead Windows In The 17th Century

Moving forward, the 17th century brought forth what is known as lattice windows. These were made of lead, and wooden frames, with square windows. These were again, only for those that had quite a bit of wealth, and therefore it wasn’t ubiquitous quite yet. The upgrade however brings about the similar lighting elements that you would expect in modern homes. It’s during the 1680s, hover, that things really got interested in France.

Going back to the French tradition, you may find that flat pane, simple glass windows were created. These litter Versailles, for instance. This big leap, again for the wealthiest.
Ubiquity of window glass didn’t come through until the 19th century, and through modern times. Today, you can’t go anywhere without seeing glass. Of course, there’s a lot to consider in the larger history of window glass, but this is a starting line to consider overall.

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