Power Cleaning On A Commercial Level For Parks and Recreation

pressure washing expertsMillions of people go to their local park and have a great time. They never truly focus on the cleanliness or anything like that. That’s a good thing. You don’t want to get to a local park and see dirt, grime, and trash everywhere. One of the secrets of cleaning these areas is that of a power washer. Power washing on a commercial level is quite good overall. There are several focuses that you’ll notice when looking at how this gets done, and it may even surprise you at how simple it all can become.

Tables and Benches

One of the areas that need a great deal of help is in regards to tables and benches overall. These places get used and abused by small and large parties. Cleaning up these areas so that they don’t attract rodents, mold, and more, requires a serious power washing at one point or another. This is to ensure that when families and friends come to the park, they can enjoy eating on these without having to worry about the issues that could manifest.

Concrete Pavilions and Play Areas

One of the biggest issue that you’re going to find with open air pavilions is that of gum, trash, and grease. These things get stepped into the concrete, and on hot days can get lifted by those walking by, making everything very sticky, dirty and problematic. To offset that, power washers spray and lift up these areas to ensure that foot traffic doesn’t turn into an irksome task through the park.

All Sporting Courts

Most people don’t really think about the cleanliness of courts, but it’s important. Power washers will hit tennis areas, basketball, bleachers, and more. All courts that have sports on them will get completely cleared up and cleaned with power washing overall. You’ll find that that is allows for easy access and cleaning of various sports. This becomes important for organized team sports and more.


The areas where children play requires a great deal of work overall. It’s easy to see these areas get really dirty, as the traffic can be in the thousands of children throughout the days. Pressure washing and power cleaning can be utilized to clean the playgrounds and equipment overall. This includes any safety mats that are in place, and more.
Other areas that may need help include pools, washrooms, locker rooms, and areas that are heavily trafficked by individuals and families alike. This includes parking lots, and will allow for parks and recreational areas that are welcoming, and absolutely enjoyed by families, children, and the community at large.

Orange County Power Washers


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