4 Easy Window Cleaning Tips To Test Out

Professional Window CleanerWhen it comes to cleaning your home, you’ll run into some issues when working with glass. Window cleaning is not something that is fun, which is why the old trope about maids not doing windows is alive and well today. If you’re looking to get your glass areas shining, then you will no doubt want to look into these no stress solutions that will help you clean things up the right way.

Glass Cleaning Wipes

The first thing that you will want to look into is simple, glass cleaning wipes. These are wipes that come presoaked with cleaning solution. You will find that this can help give you a streak free shine across even the toughest of window areas. You can even use this across smaller options, and enjoy streak free cleaning.

Use Glass Cleaner and Paper Towels

The tried and true solution of working with glass cleaner works very well, assuming you utilize paper towels that aren’t going to break down fast. Get options that are a bit thicker, and make sure that you work fast. If you’re using any cleanser, you will want to do this fast, before it dries. If your glass dries, you will have streaks, so get to this fast.

Hose Cleaners

Right now there are some concentrated cleaners that you can purchase, and will attach them to your garden hose. That will help you not only spray detergent on your glass, but it will dilute it a bit with water so that you are able to get to hard to reach areas. Instead of fiddling with ladders, and much more, you can use a garden hose to get to second story or even third story solutions with relative ease.

Use A Squeegee

One of the great ways to clean your windows is to utilize a clean, small squeegee. This helps not only take the water and concentrated detergents with relative ease. You’ll want to make sure that you utilize strokes that are overlapping so that you are able to reduce streaks, lines, and more. Do this when it’s not too hot, so that you can get to the whole glass without having dry streaks.
At the end of the day, you’re going to find that the above tips are simple to utilize, and work well. Don’t overthink cleaning glass, it’s not that complex. Sometimes the easiest, and simplest solutions, are the ones that work the best overall.

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