Cleaning Laminate Floors While Going Green At The Same Time

laminate cleaning expertsFlooring today runs through a wide variety of popular choices. From carpet to wood to laminate, there’s a lot to consider overall. Which is going to be best for your needs? Well, that’s a matter of focusing on a lot of different elements, but that’s for another time.

Today, consider cleaning and maintaining one of the most popular flooring types, and doing so while going green. That type is none other than laminate floors. Laminate is by far one of the most popular types of flooring, and as much as it is easy to install, and maintain, it is also easy to stain, and cause issues with. It’s for that reason that the following tips have been compiled, to help you avoid long term damage and dirt from befalling your flooring.

Sweeping on A Regular Basis

The first option that you are going to want to look at is simple, sweeping. Now, before you reach for a standard broom, you should know that you cannot just use any broom option. You need to go with a soft solution, and perhaps focus on getting a dry dust option instead of traditional straw. The bristles on a broom could cause small abrasions on the floor, and eventually cause damage. Use a soft brush, or dust mop broom to clean up on a regular basis.

Mopping Laminate

One of the easiest ways to clean a floor is to mop, and laminate is no different. However, you have to double check to ensure that you have 100% laminate composition and not wood. Wood mixes will not do well with any water. You’ll want to use hot water if you’re going to go this route, and you want to ensure that you’re not soaking the floor, but rather lightly cleaning over the top. The floor should be dried fast, and you could need to use a cloth to help facilitate the drying process. Detergents can be used, but it has to be very slight, and not harsh in nature.

The Vinegar Option

If you’re at a loss, you could always test out the vinegar option. Vinegar and water can help you get a wet solution to spot mop across the floor. This is a natural solution that will not damage laminate pieces, and can be used to clean with a soft mop, and a little water. You will not want to soak your floor, but rather spot clean with a spray bottle of vinegar and water, to get the cleaning element throughout.
These are just a few options that you can test out, and utilize today. They will help you gain the upper hand with your floors, while going green, and not damaging anything.

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