Making Homemade Air Freshener The Easy Way


homemade air freshenerA Simple Jar

One way that you can freshen up your home is to look into mixing essential oils and baking soda. Get a jar and place these things together, using just a few drops of scented essential oil, and ¼ cup of baking soda. It’s that simple. Your air will get infused with the scent of the oil, and you only need to work through a few drops until the smell fades. Test this out, and see how great things can end up smelling great with ease.

For Toilets

If your bathroom has toilet smells, then you may want to focus on a little cleaning solution that will freshen things up with ease. You can use this concoction to clean, and freshen things up with relative ease. Mix 1 and 1/3 cup of baking soda, with a few drops of essential oil, lemon juice, and then add water to a spray bottle and then use it to freshen any toilet bowl today. The fragrance will give you a good scent, the baking soda will cleanse, and you can freshen things up with a few sprays of the solution.

Car Air Freshener

One way to get things moving forward is to soak a small cotton ball with essential oil. Then use a paperclip to attach it to a piece of cardboard, and link it to the vent of your vehicle. The cool air will flow through the cotton ball, and the oil’s scent will fill the car. This is a small option that is easy to use, and simple to link up the vents you have.

Refilling Plug Refills

There’s a lot of plugin air fresheners floating around out there. You can get moving forward with these after you use them, by simply adding your own scents. Open one of these up, and then fill them up ¼ or ½ way up with essential oils. Then fill the rest with water, and plug the air freshener back in place. This will be cost effective, and work just the same as others.

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