5 Absolutes To Remember About Cleaning With A Pressure Washer

Pressure Washing ExpertsWhen it comes to cleaning your home’s exteriors, few things are as good as going with a pressure washer. A pressure washer is going to definitely help you clean things up, and get your home looking brand new. Before you go and procure a washer, make sure that you take a few tips for cleaning the right way below. Here are some go to absolutes that you will not want to dismiss, for your home.

Detergents Matter

If you are going to use detergents of any kind, make sure that you focus on using options that are made for pressurized water. Do not just put any soap in place. Use detergents that are specifically made for exterior cleaning and pressure washers. Alternate between high pressure and low pressure when you’re cleaning, so that you don’t cause damage to your home.

Work From The Bottom Up

Here’s a tip that many people don’t realize until after they have finished cleaning. Clean from the bottom up, and you’ll find that the water will have gravity helping it remove streaks and any spots. Use detergent and focus on going down towards higher areas.

Don’t Rush Through The Process

Since the pressure may seem strong, and simple to utilize, don’t rush through the process. It’s easy to get through this as fast as possible. Don’t rush it. Take your time waiting for detergent to set in, and rinse thoroughly. Be patient applying soaps and detergent, and rinse thoroughly.

Don’t Hit Vents or Windows

This happens all the time, people cleaning with pressure washers get into the motion of exterior cleaning and they hit windows. It’s best not to use your pressure washer across windows and vents, as it could cause damage. If you use a lower-pressure spray, then perhaps you can get away with this, but at high pressure do not coast across windows. You can run the risk of shattering panes, which is not a good thing. Avoid damage by sticking to this absolute every time.

Use Water First

Before you use any detergent, test out water first. Go with a light pressure spray and cascade across surfaces. After that, test out small areas with high pressure, and use water before you mix in detergents. Often times, you don’t need detergent, as the pressurized liquid can help you get grime, dirt, and more cleared.
The above are just 5 things that you will want to remember when cleaning with this type of washer. Pressure washers are great overall, and can help you clear out even the messiest of exteriors.

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