Cleaning With And For A Large Family

spring cleaning

There are a great number of articles strewn across the internet containing advice on how to clean a home. What you won’t find often however is information or advice on how to clean your home when you have a large family. This is in part because large families have become rare in this day and age. Most couple have no more than 2, perhaps 3 children and cleaning a home with small and mid sized families is far different than cleaning a home that has 4 or more children living in it.

A Family Affair

There are many things those with large families can do to make cleaning their home much faster and efficient though none are more important than involving the entire family. Any children that are old enough to play are old enough to clean and they should be encouraged to do so. Once rewards and incentives are in place children should be assigned specific rooms and duties. Many hands make light work and with the entire family pitching in the whole of a large family’s home can be cleaned in a matter of hours rather than an entire day.

Parents should keep in mind that children should be assigned age appropriate tasks. The youngest in a large family for example might do well when tasked with the simple act of picking up toys, putting trash in trash cans, or even collecting loose laundry. Older children and teenagers can be given a bit more responsibility and can effectively do laundry, heavy dusting, and even clean bathrooms.

Spreading The Work Out

It can be an arduous task keeping a home clean when there are many children living within. It therefore makes sense to spread the cleaning duties out over the span of several days as opposed to just a single day of the week. Doing so can help keep things in order and make the actual cleaning much lighter/easier. Kids are generally more apt to be helpful when there’s is less to do rather than when a long day of cleaning looms ahead of them. Moreover parents won’t have to spend an entire day off doing things they’d rather not be. Lastly, life can throw a monkey wrench into the plans of a large family very easily and quickly. Parents should be prepared to be flexible with regards to how much cleaning gets done in a given day, when it needs to be done, and sometimes if it should be done at all.

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