Repairing Damaged Glass

Graffiti Removal ExpertsShower enclosures, glass fences, and windows covered in graffiti are notoriously difficult to repair. Try as they might home and business owners with such glass will never be able to return their windows to an acceptable state. Moreover cleaning these types of glass can consume hours and even days when the cleaning is handled by laypersons. Perhaps it is for this reason that most people either leave their glass in a state of disrepair or have it replaced. Unfortunately both of these decisions can cost home and business owners a great deal of money; money that they do not need to spend.

Restorative And Protective Glass Services

Stanley Window Care may be best known for its superior window cleaning service though we also offer glass restoration services. These services cost far less than the replacement and/or neglect of damaged glass. Utilizing specialized tools and chemicals our team of professional window cleaners can remove graffiti, the most stubborn of hard water stains, and even repair scratches. We return windows and all other glass structures to their original state, making them clear, shining, and properly reflective.

Velocious And Effective

Stanley Window Care prides itself on exceeding the expectations of its clients but we also strive to be fast and effective in our work. Restoring glass is a delicate process but one that our team knows forward and backward. Our teams works quickly and quietly when restoring our clients glass so that your home or office remains largely undisturbed. Should a client find themselves unsatisfied with our restoration work we will return to redo the job at no additional cost. 100% satisfaction is our number one goal!

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