Tips For Maintaining Self Cleaning Glass

DIY Window CleaningOne of the innovations that have come to glass in recent years is that of self-cleaning solutions. Self-cleaning options are interesting in that they require less cleaning and maintenance than others from the past. If you have upgraded to this, or you are thinking about this for your home or office, consider a few tips as to how to ensure a bit of longevity. Maintaining them is not a difficult task, if you know a few insider tips.

Understanding Self Cleaning Glass

First and foremost, you should know that while glass makers do in fact use a better formula here, there’s still some light cleaning you will have to do. To make self-cleaning glass, a special mix of titanium oxide is used on the panes. This helps reduce glare, reduce debris and dirt staining and more. It also strengthens the panes, so that they are more durable.

Cleaning These Properly

In order to clean glass of this type properly, you’re going to have to look at things a bit differently than you normally would. First of all, you cannot use soap as you would normally do, and you cannot use any sort of squeegee, or sponge. You are going to have to invest in a purified water cleaning option, or you will not be able to clean things properly. One option you can look into is a pole lead brush system that uses purified water.
The reason why you cannot use just any old method is simple, there’s a coating and film on the glass panes. This can get removed if you use the wrong brush, or if you use harsh chemicals or soaps. You cannot clean these the same way that you can normal glass, it won’t work.

Identifying Glass Types

Self-cleaning glass has marks, or stickers on them that will help you know whether or not the panes are coated. If they are coated, you need to adhere to proper care instructions. If they are not coated at all, then you will not have to adhere to the tips above. Most of the time, you won’t have to worry about these types of windows or glass placements. However, if you must clean them, remember, purified water and a specific brush type. Not just anything will do here, you could ruin the coating, and once that is gone, you cannot repair it. A new glass pane will need to be put in place, as you cannot re-coat panes.

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