An Easier Way To Clean Windows – Water Fed Pole System

water fed pole system to clean windowsCleaning windows is an interesting task, albeit one that can get ignored. There’s a lot of people that don’t want to do this, or just ignore it. The traditional methodologies of cleaning involve standard solutions, but what if you have windows that are hard to reach? What do you do then? If you’re not keen on getting large ladders out and risking your life, then you’ll be glad to see that innovation has come into cleaning windows. With that in mind, consider the water fed pole system, which could very well help you clean with relative ease.

Defining Water Fed Pole System

Here’s the first thing you should know, and it’s simple, what is a fed pole system? The easiest thing to understand here is how this works. Water fed poles are poles that use purified water in conjunction with a brush that you place on top of windows to clean them. The brush and water is a topical solution. On a smaller scale, imagine combining a brush with a water system in place. Water streams to your window and the brush cleans up with ease. Simple as that.

Different Brushes and Jets

The defining line of innovation here is in regards to brushes. The water system and poles are interesting overall, but the brushes are different based on what you’re trying to clean. You’ll find the most popular option is nylon bristle options, but there are other options that are harder, made of different materials, and help with cleaning vinyl, brick walls, and even gutters. Jets are also adjustable, give you different pressures and water dispensing types overall.

Pole Lengths

There are a lot of different pole lengths that you can invest into. You can use options that can reach second or even third stories as well. With this adjustable option, you’ll be able to clean from far below windows and siding, rather than using a cherry picker or ladders. You can make adjustments or invest in lengths of all types, to help with getting corners, upper areas, and more. All of this is attached with brushes, water, and cleaning solutions as well.

While this all makes things easier, you should consider that there are a lot of different options. The simplest option is a brush and jet pole. However, you can utilize fan jets, pencil jets, hard brushes, and so much more. Once you invest in a basic water fed pole system, you’ll have a variety of options to consider on top of that. This all depends on what your overall needs.

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