Steps For A Deeper Clean In The Bathroom

house cleaning expertsThe bathroom can easily be one of the worst areas of your home in terms of germs, and cleanliness. Most people put off cleaning this area because it’s so small, and frequently used. People just forget to get in there and do a deep clean from time to time. Well, that can be changed if you just take 30 minutes or so to clean things up at least once a week. But in the case that you are in need of a deeper clean, consider the following options overall.

The Shower

In the shower you have a lot of options to consider. Cleaning the shower curtains and liners can be made simple when you put them in your washing machine with towels. Do so and you can ensure that they are scrubbed with relative ease. Dry them out, hang them up and they will be clean. The showerhead can be cleaned with vinegar if you submerge the head. Submerge the shower head in vinegar overnight and then run water through it, it’ll be fine.

The Tile (walls, floors, etc.)

If you have tile anywhere in your bathroom, then you will see discoloration, mildew, grime and dirt show up. TO clean this, you’ll want to scrub the grout between tiles with a brush and some bleach. You’ll find that this is definitely a simple thing, and can definitely change the look and feel. If your grout seems to be peeling, seal it with some grout sealer you can purchase at a hardware store. If you have tiled walls or a lot of grout, use an all-purpose cleaner to get to the areas, and clean mildewed areas with a good cleanser that can kill bacteria.

A Cleaner Toilet

To clean your toilet, try baking soda. Pour some baking soda in the bowl, and then use a toilet brush to brush it around the different areas of the bowl. Do this with a little pressure, then flush it. If you still see staining, try to use bleach, and scrub yet again. Done right, you’ll have clean, white porcelain.

The Sink and Tub

For sinks and tubs, try to use vinegar to clean things up. Vinegar is a great solution to help with this. Also, try to use lemons, and rub them on chrome and wherever you want to clean. You could always use a cleanser that you may find in stores, but this option can work very good overall.

Clean Your Fan

Lastly, make sure that you clean your fan from time to time. Turn the power off in this area of your home, and open up the cover. Then use a dusting cloth or brush to clear out dust. Clear out the area, and then use a vacuum to get up more dirt and gunk that’s inside. Once clear, you’ll find your fan and vents will be clear to pull in steam, odor and more without worry.

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