Securing Your Windows With Locks and Beyond

When you look at how criminals break into houses, you’ll realize that they do so through windows more often than not. Whether they open up a simple window on the side, or they go through the back of a home, windows can be opened up with ease, and they let the wrong person in. If you want to protect your windows, you will need to look into a few elements that can help you protect your goods, without worry. These are simple options that you can explore.

A Sash Security Element

For those that have simple windows with frames, you can attach a sash that connects the window’s top frame to the bottom. You could also utilize a deadbolt element to control the window from opening.

Sliding Glass Doors

The main element of a sliding glass door is the large track that it’s framed in. You just have to block a frame, and you can use this with a metal bar in the interior of door frame. That will lock the door from opening, aside from the lock that may be in the handle.

Change The Panes

If you are concerned with windows shattering, install stronger elements. There are stronger panes that will frustrate most criminals when they don’t shatter with ease. There are several glass solutions that you can utilize, and ensure that your home’s insulation elevates. Furthermore, shattering heavily tempered glass windows is a lot harder to do than single pane options.


When in doubt, you could have a home alarm system that sets off when someone opens the window. Alarms use trigger points, so you’ll find that opening things up will trigger security, and cause most criminals to panic and run. Some alarm systems can even alert the authorities, and ensure that you’re home’s safe.
At the end of the day, you’ll find that there are a variety of simple ways that you can secure your windows, including the aforementioned. Peace of mind is made easier when you focus on the above tips.

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