Window Cleaning Discount And Promotional Programs

DIY Window Cleaning

There is a fierce sense of competition between professional window cleaners. Many firms and individuals play games of one-upmanship and chicken with one another not only in order to impress their existing clientele but attract new business as well. Other times these companies run special promotions and offer specific guarantees for the purpose of instilling confidence in their customers. Regardless of why professional window cleaners might run a promotional or discount program the consumer always benefits from this competition.

Types Of Window Cleaning Discounts

The number and types of discount promotions professional window firms run is limited only by their imaginations. That said the most common and popular in 2015 are as follows.

Rain Guarantees – Many window cleaners have begun offering guarantees that bring them back to rework a job should it rain within a specific time frame after the initial cleaning has been completed. Some of these rain guarantees offer just one or two days while others a full week.

Satisfaction Guarantees – This guarantee is a favorite amongst competitors with each company pushing it’s boundaries a little further out each time they attempt to one up a competitor. The most common satisfaction guarantee usually includes a discount if a client is dissatisfied with the job or some sort of return voucher. The best professional window cleaning firms however will offer a satisfaction guarantee that see’s them return at a later date to redo the job at no additional cost to the client.

Insurance And Bonding – All legitimate professional window cleaners will be both licensed and bonded. That said competitors will often carry heftier insurance and/or bonding in order to give their customers peace of mind. If you look at a window cleaner’s website you’ll often see something posted that mentions or boasts about the type and amounts of insurance and bonding they carry. Some only carry the bare minimum while others have workman’s compensation so as to ensure their clients are not responsible for anything should an employee get hurt while working at their home.

Shopping Around

Home and business owners needing the services of a professional window cleaner will be best served by taking things slow and researching each candidate thoroughly. Being patient and interviewing potential contractors will give individuals a good idea of who they are dealing with. Reading reviews online and speaking with past clientele can yield even greater information.


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