The Beauty and Allure of Bamboo Blinds

plantation shuttersWindow treatments are fascinating. You may not immediately think of them but as you start to break down the many options that exist in regards to these solutions you’re going to find that there’s a lot of solutions past the initial options you may know. For instance, you may already know about plastic blinds, and standard drapery. But there’s something newer on the horizon and perhaps it will change how you view window treatments. Bamboo blinds are going to absolutely showcase beauty. If you’re not sure about this consider a few styles in regards to this option.

Why Bamboo?

Before getting into the various options consider why bamboo is worth exploring. It’s a solution that helps with ecological efforts. This is a sustainable option that will allow you to go “green” in your home. It also has a very elegant appeal when contrasted with other visual interior design pieces.

Roman Solutions

The folding standard can be put into bamboo with relative ease. Roman shades look great, fold, and allow you to have a bit of control in regards to how you put shading across your windows. This is perhaps the most popular of options you’ll often see in homes.

Roll Up Solutions

Rolling shade options are also interesting and bamboo has a flexible thing that helps you gain a bit more leverage in shade. The reason why this is better than other wood options is because the raw material is not exactly wood. Bamboo is a grass which adds flexibility giving the roll up a bit easier management.

Matchstick Solutions

This is a rounded solution that is thinner than what you would normally have in place. This allows light to pierce through the shades. If you’re looking to block out the sun completely this isn’t going to allow that. But it will give you a lot of control over the window openings you have. Allowing a little light gives your room a bit of simplicity.


If you’re looking to block the sunlight this is going to be your best bet. These are woven together and block out the sun a great deal. If you’re seeking privacy this is the best bet as it mixes window treatment knockout shades and the beauty of traditional shades.

As you can see, bamboo blinds are versatile, come in a variety of styles, and let you have full control of how light comes through into your home. If you want elegance, versatility, and sustainable materials, bamboo blinds are absolutely grand.

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