Changing The Garage Door Opener Code With Easy Steps

Garage Door SecurityRegardless of your reason, garage door openers can be changed. Whether you’ve been hacked or you just want to change things up there are a few steps that you can take to fix things up. Some may think that this is a serious issue but overall it’s not simple. There are two ways to change the code up.

If Your Code Has a Keypad

If you have a garage door opener that has a keypad in place consider the following steps that may help you out a bit.

Step 1

On the inside of your garage you will need to get to the motor.

Step 2

Look for the “learn” button, and hold it down. You will see a light will go on and off and this will clear the code completely. It is like a “delete” button.

Step 3

Press the “learn” button and a light will go on. This will allow you enter a new code using your keypad (on the remote). After you decide a new code you will see the “learn” button blink and tell you that the new code works.

Step 4

Test things out and see if it works. If it doesn’t work follow the steps over again and you’ll see it work out.

No Keypad? No Problem!

If your remote control has no keypad don’t worry. You can try this option out and get a change.

Step 1

You will need to open up your remote control. Compare these to your existing door’s opening code. The position of the switches will indicate the change. Change them up, any way you’d like.

Step 2

Go to your garage door motor and look for the switches that are in place. Change them to mirror your remotes switches.

Step 3

Test this out and see if the sync is in place. If this doesn’t work consult your motor’s manual for changes.

This will let you change up the remote for your garage in two simple ways.

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