Picking Out The Right Fabric and Color For Window Treatments

Drapery ExpertsThere a lot of considerations that you need to weight out in regards to getting the right window treatments. Color and fabric is something that is very important. Aside from that you will find that it’s very easy to work with various treatment styles. With that in mind consider the following 3 major points to consider when you are looking at putting up curtains for your windows.

The Texture of The Fabric

First and foremost you need to make sure that you look into fabric type. This is a very important thing because it will give you a different vibes and help you determine which to put up. Certain options have a texture that blocks out the sun, some helps with simulation, and others help with a balance of color and light. Texture should be soft to the touch, easy to clean, and become easy to put up in any framed window area.

The Color

Beyond the actual fabric make sure that you look into colors. The color of your window treatments will help you with visual design flow and much more. You want to consider what you want to have in your home in terms of balance. Do you want your curtains to overtake the visuals? Do you want it to dominate? Or do you want something to complement furnishings? Do you want the sun to shine through? Do you want to block out the outside world? Color can complement, contrast, or overtake the interior design front of your home so make sure that you balance this out carefully. Softer colors work often, but of course, the darker the curtain the more sunlight you can block out.

What About Prints?

Here’s the thing, you can always go with patterns. Aside from color that is solid you could go with printed solutions. Window treatments that have prints can help with complementing furniture, rugs, and other elements inside a room. The graphics that you choose to have showcased will definitely allow you to have a nice interior design element across several points. Texture can be graphic print, blocks, squares, or simple lines that shift color across different options.
At the end of the day you have a lot to consider when it comes to window treatments. Take the aforementioned 3 elements and pick out something that is going to allow your home’s interior to pop a bit. You’ll find that this all becomes easier when you take these and balance them out properly.

San Diego Window Treatments by Raymonde Draperies


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