5 Critical Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Windows

DIY Window CleaningWindows are tough to clean. While the job may appear overly difficult it’s not the difficulty of the job that gets people but rather the annoying elements that form after mistakes are made. Face it, it’s easy to get caught up with the ease of cleaning and then seeing streaks and other issues manifest. The next time you’re going to clean up think about these critical mistakes to avoid when cleaning your windows.

Cleaning In The Hot Heat

Don’t clean windows during the hottest time of the day or summer. Why? Well, the cleaners and water that you may use will clean up a great deal of the dirt and grime. Moreover you will find that the elements dry quickly too. If you have dried chemicals and cleansers throughout your windows you’ll see visible streaks and more.

Washing The Dust Around Glass

Window sills, frames, and more have a lot of dust on them. Instead of wiping them down vacuum them up first. You’ll be surprised by how this will help you avoid building up muddy elements at the edges. This will also help you keep your windows cleaner as the drips won’t create disaster.

Window Cleaner Deficiencies

People try to make their window cleaner last a lot longer by spraying a small amount. Don’t do that. Instead, be liberal and use the cleaner for the main purpose it was intended for cleaning windows. If you are a conservative sprayer, you’ll clean less effectively, which isn’t ideal. Using generous portions of a cleaning solution will help you get the job done.

Using Newspapers

Simple right? You can use newspaper to get the windows clean. Nope. This doesn’t work for hobos and it won’t work for you. The problem here is that the newspaper fibers can rub off onto the window and smear. Instead look for a good microfiber cloth for drying. This will help you soak up excess water and clear any streaks that may be left behind.

Using Paper Towels Is Bad Too

You’ve got it paper towels! That’s easy, right? Well unfortunately when paper towels get wet they leave behind tiny specs of paper. They aren’t meant to rub streaks away and you’ll see that they leave behind an additional cleaning element that you need to pick up. It’s best not to go this route and instead get a cloth.

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