The Allure of Keyless Entry For Your Car

Locksmith expertsOne of the most popular upgrades to your car can be the art of keyless entry. This means that you can click a button on your keychain and start your car, unlocking the doors, and getting ready to get in and ready to go forward. Most modern cars can easily be turned on with this solution, and some even come with it standard. Understanding the allure of this, and how it works is a great thing to consider as it could very well prove to be a lifesaver in colder weather, or perhaps when your hands are full.

The Starting Line

Keyless entries start with a radio transmitter inside the key or security system. When you are within a certain range, you can press a simple button and it will give the car a message to start. The engine will start and the locks will disengage, to allow you to enter. This is done through the use of “active” keys. These are elements that have been in place since the early 1990s and they are “smart” in a way. You may have these elements in place already, but you just need to have a transmitter and receiver solution to allow for the commands to enter properly without manual elements.

The Passive Option

Smart keys in the past meant that they would be able to be turned on with a button press. But the latest technologies today allow for you to utilize frequencies without pressing a button. That’s right, you can easily get your car to turn on and unlocked without having to press a button at all. You’ll find that when you have your key at a certain detection ratio, it will start your car, as the keys get within a certain range of the vehicle. You can swipe the key and it will turn on, unlocked, and the likes. These are truly smart keys.

What About Security?

The one question people ask a lot about is in regards to security. The security elements within keyless entry utilize what is known as 128-bit encryption. That is a strong password which takes a great deal of knowledge to override. That being said, the average person is not going to be opening up the components or passwords of keyless remotes, that’s for sure.

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