How Secure Are Keyless Entry Options?

Locksmith expertsThere are a lot of cars today that are using keyless entry. This is an option that is truly allowing for “smart” cars to be the norm. With a chip that goes inside the actual keys, you can start, unlock, and utilize all the major functions of your automobile with relative ease. This may not seem like the most secure of options, but when you start to look at how these are put together, you’ll see that they truly are a lot “safer” than you may think. It all starts with how they work initially, and how the security elements are used to lock them in place.

The Frequency

First and foremost, the first line of defense is in regards to the signal. Security measures are placed within key elements so that the signal only goes within a very specific range. That means that no one can get on the same range and hijack your signal. Your key has a very specific element that only works within that range. If another smart key were in the vicinity, it would not open your car, as it would be a different wavelength element. Amplifying the signal is not an option, as it’s locked in within the key’s chip itself.

The Strength of Attack

There is a hacker element online called brute force attacks. This is a password strong-arm that overrides the password systems in place. It forces entry into sites that are locked down because it throws in a lot of combinations at once, unlocking the passwords within a short span of time. However, with keys, the encryption is such that you cannot just throw in a brute force combination attack. There’s so many combinations that brute force would diminish before they get through all possible password types. It would essentially time out.

There are Workarounds

Ok, so the truth of the matter is simple, yes these keyless entries can be hijacked and hacked. Is it easy? By no means. In fact, it’s so difficult that the average person has a better chance of smashing the windows and driving off then by overriding a smart key. Hacking is possible, but it’s extremely difficult, and when it does happen, the car doesn’t respond correctly, and could very well stop. Suffice to say, hacking keyless entry is not very in demand among hackers right now.

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