A Look At Cleaning Vinyl Siding

Vinyl sidingOne of the best options that you can put on your home’s exterior is that of vinyl siding. It’s durable, it’s pliable, and it can last quite a long time. Once in place, you’ll want to look at cleaning it from time to time. Now, this is not a complex thing, especially if you utilize a tool known as a pressure washer. This is a tool that sends high pressure streams of water to the exterior of your home, cleaning it by the strength of the stream. It’s simple to use, and is just one of the many ways you can clean vinyl siding with ease.

Before You Start

Before starting any clean up job, you’re going to find that a visual inspection should be done. Look for any cracks or breaks where you may see the elements coming in. You don’t want to use water to clean anything that has been broken, cracked, or has a hole in it. That would only cause water and debris to get underneath your vinyl and end up causing rot and damage that is not easy to reverse.

Be Careful What Detergents (If Any) You Use

The next thing that you are going to need to keep an eye on is what chemicals you are going to use. When cleaning, you may end up wanting to use a shampoo or something that will cleanse the outside. That’s ok, but make sure that you water all your plant and dirt areas to help sweep away any residue that could come off the siding when you clean things up.

Simple Soaps Work Best

When looking for soap options, use a concentrated mix that is environmentally friendly. You can add this to the reservoir of your pressure washer, and always add more if you’d like to use a bit more. Making sure that you add this to the reservoir will let you get a good mix of water and soap to your high pressure solution.

Rinse Thoroughly

Aside from applying soap, you’re going to want to make sure that you rinse with a great deal of force. Rinsing is the key to ensuring that your home’s overall wash is completely done. You don’t want to do any damage to the siding, so be careful how you rinse and soap the areas. Using a spray technique that is in a wave, and not too much in one place so that the stream goes along all the areas you need as well. Rinse thoroughly, because residue could cause damage to your siding.

Lastly, make sure that you dry the corners of all your siding. You will find that water deposits could end up causing damage to your home if left alone. These are areas of your home that are sensitive so be careful about leaving water in the area.

Orange County Pressure Washing by Stanley Window Care


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