The Best Bicycle Locks

bicycle locksBicycles are a fun way to get around and riding be an excellent form of exercise. That said, bicycles aren’t cheap and it’s best to lock them up when you’re not riding. Even bicycles left in back yards and garages can be taken easily if they aren’t anchored in place by a solid lock. Fortunately for cyclists there’s no shortage of locks to choose from. It is however a saturated market and not all bike locks are created equal. As with all things, you get what you pay for so it’s a good idea to do your research before you commit to any specific lock.

Easy Pickin’s

People are always looking for a cheap alternative to expensive products though in the case of bicycle locks being frugal can actually cost you much more in the long run. Many of more affordable or budget bike locks out there aren’t very effect deterrents let alone good locks. Most can be cut easily, broken by hand, or hacked without much effort. In contrast the more expensive locks on the market tend to discourage thieves before they even begin. Bicycle thieves operate quickly so as to avoid being seen and the more complex and sturdy the lock the more unlikely it is unscrupulous persons will even mess with a bike. Persons whom value their bicycles should avoid simple chain/combo locks as well as “coily” metal locks as these are the easiest to circumvent.

Not So Fast

The best bicycle locks may cost a few dollars more than their cheaper brethren but losing a bicycle to thieves costs a whole lot more and can leave victims feeling frustrated and even violated. It behooves all cyclists, from the casual to the enthusiast, to purchase a bike lock that’s not only sturdy but one that has a good reputation as well. Often hailed as the best in bicycle locks is Kryptonite. This company produces some of the finest bike locks and has done so for over 20 years. No lock is unbeatable but Kryptonite bicycle locks are tough, strong, and getting through them is an arduous task. There are many comparable brands and even a few that are better. For a cyclist’s money however Kryptonite bicycle locks are the best bang for their buck.

Boston Locksmith by Astro Locks


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