Window Panes: An Ever Advancing Technology

DIY Window CleaningWhile single pane windows where the norm for centuries they were eventually replaced with double pane windows. In turn those where eventually replaced with triple pane windows. While double and triple pane windows aren’t applicable in every structure they have become a staple among contractors whom build homes and commercial structures. Like other types of technology, that involving windows advances and changes rapidly with new types of glass being tested and even more panes being added to common windows.

Quadruple Pane Windows

Yes, you read the title correctly. Manufactures of windows are now introducing quadruple pane windows to the market. While so many panes may seem excessive to some, quadruple pane windows are built for the sole purpose of climate control. Multiple window panes keep not only cool and/or hot air from entering a home but can also block out harmful ultraviolet light completely. This function can save furniture, flooring, and of course paint. Quadruple pane windows can also be used to control the light flow in and out of a home. This level of control allows home and business owners to create very specific moods and atmospheres.

Cleaning Quadruple Pane Windows

While cleaning the outer panes of a multi-layered window may not prove to be to troublesome for some, windows with multiple panes can collect moisture, mold, dirt, and many other things in between their panes and in other places that aren’t in plain sight. Try as they might, laypersons will have little to no success in cleaning these problem areas. Instead those with quadruple pane windows are advised to contact and hire a professional window or glass cleaner to have these issues addressed. Doing so will keep these expensive windows damage free as improper tools, chemicals, and cleaning techniques can wreak havoc on window glass.

Orange County Window Cleaning by Stanley Window Care


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