The Most Expensive Window Covering On The Planet

window covering expertsWhen it comes to window coverings simple dressings are usually ample enough for homeowners. That doesn’t mean however that homeowners whom desire extravagant window coverings don’t exist. If fact there are many such persons and not all of them are wealthy. As technology advances even modest” window coverings get an upgrade in quality and aesthetics. There are some window coverings however that are so outrageously expensive that only the top echelon of the upper crust can afford them.

Don’t Go Losing Your Head Over These

Marie Antoinette is famous for losing her head after being captured by French revolutionists but very few know she was an apt interior designer. Being the Queen of France meant that her designs and ideas weren’t limited by a budget. Many of her designs still exist both on paper and in production. Take for example “Marie Antoinette’s Curtains” which are hanging in the Fleur de Lys out in Los Angeles. The mansion is estimated to be worth more than 125 million dollars while Marie’s window coverings are considered to be priceless. The late queen’s coverings are large, effulgent, and make use of several different materials. The patterns in these window dressings are unique and incorporate flowered designs and a remarkable use of color.

Showering Gold

Dennis Kozlowski may have defrauded his own company for 600 million dollars and paid a heavy price for doing so but his dubious actions afforded him some rather extravagant amenities. One of his most interesting indulgences is his $6000 shower curtain. While not a traditional window covering this curtain was created using real gold and plenty of it. It is truly one of the worlds most expensive window coverings.

The Upper Crust

The vast majority of the worlds most expensive window coverings can be found in the homes of dignitaries, politicians, and the extremely wealthy. Additionally, many of these are found in homes that are centuries old and/or are part of a museum. The Vanderbilt home for example remains the largest private home in the United States and features some of the worlds greatest and most illustrious window coverings in all of the world. The home of Czar Nicholas of Russia also features window coverings made from high end materials making them insanely valuable. William and Kate of York paid over 6 million dollars out of pocket for their home’s draperies, a move thought by some to be overly decadent. Fortunately the internet allows people of modest means to view these window coverings for free.

San Diego Window Coverings by Raymonde Draperies


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